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36" Four Burner Gas Griddle

Leading Bid: $320Item #: 4001Bids: 11

Small Tabletop Fireplace Lantern with NWTF Logo 19.5" and Tall Tabletop Fireplace Lantern with NWTF Logo 27.5"

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4002Bids: 11

Turkey Tail Feather Windmill Clock

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4003Bids: 14

Set of Three Bottomland Trunks

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4004Bids: 13

Green Mountain Grill - Davy Crockett Pellet Grill with WIFI DCWF

Leading Bid: $470Item #: 4005Bids: 22

Clam Quick Set Escape Gazebo Canopy with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $330Item #: 4006Bids: 20

Browning Hemp Small Folder Knife

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 4007Bids: 4

Shotgun Shell American Flag Art

Leading Bid: $160Item #: 4008Bids: 18

Browning Long Haul Folder Knife

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 4009Bids: 4

Set of Two Pint Glasses with American Flag and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4010Bids: 13

Outdoor Edge 3.5" Razor Lite Knife

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 4012Bids: 11

Outdoor Edge RazorMax Knife

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4013Bids: 8

Mammoth 30 Quart Cooler in Mossy Oak Agua

Leading Bid: $255Item #: 4014Bids: 18

Hybrid Light The Mammoth Multi-Light

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4015Bids: 9

Hybrid Light Pro Kit

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 4016Bids: 15

Custom Steel Firebox with Grilling Accessories

Leading Bid: $220Item #: 4017Bids: 12

12" Green Egg Style Ceramic Patio Grill

Leading Bid: $310Item #: 4018Bids: 13

Four Camp Chairs with Carry Case

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4019Bids: 6

Turkey Species Knife Assortment - Includes Three Folding and Three Fixed Blade Knife Styles with White Bone and Ebony Wood Handles in Display.

Leading Bid: $400Item #: 4020Bids: 15

Turkey Species Knife Assortment in Display Box - Scrimshaw On White Bone Handled Fixed Blade Knives

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 4021Bids: 14

Folding Grill

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 4022Bids: 4

Inflatable Paddle Board with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $780Item #: 4023Bids: 15

Fire Pit 30" Lattice Design Black

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4024Bids: 11

Leather Money Clip with NWTF Logo Medallion

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4025Bids: 12

Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Knife Set

Leading Bid: $410Item #: 4026Bids: 23

Mesa Countertop Kitchen Electric Knife Sharpener-Black

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4027Bids: 9

NWTF Ammo Accessory Case Large with Shaped Lid

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 4028Bids: 16

Stanley Camp Pro Cook Set

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4029Bids: 9

Stanley Classic Bottle Thermos 1.5 Quart Green

Opening Bid: $5Item #: 4030

Stanley Outdoor Cooler 16 Quart, Green with Handle

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4031Bids: 9

Four Tier Shelf Stand

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4032Bids: 9

Set of Three Gold Feather Rim Mirrors

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4033Bids: 10

14" Lantern -silver/wood and 10" Lantern -silver/wood set of Two

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 4034Bids: 9

50" Four-Tier Folding Corner Shelf

Leading Bid: $56Item #: 4035Bids: 10

Set of Two Black/Metal Wood Storage Tables

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 4036Bids: 17

25" Tripod Table Lamp

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 4037Bids: 4

27" Table with Tray & USB Ports

Leading Bid: $225Item #: 4038Bids: 17

Mango Wood Grand Slam Frame with Openings for Six 4"x6" Photos

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4039Bids: 9

Set of Six Assorted Mango Wood Frames with Turkey Tracks Design

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4040Bids: 9

Set of Six Assorted Mango Wood Frames with Raised Edges

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4041Bids: 11

Alaine Bar Set - Decantur with Four Glasses

Leading Bid: $167Item #: 4042Bids: 15

Reavis Galvanized Lantern Set-Small & Large with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 4043Bids: 7

Williamson Lanterns - Set of Two Glass and Wood with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4044Bids: 11

Darby Metal Canisters - Set of Three with Turkey Artwork

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4045Bids: 12

Winchester Live to Hunt Wall Decor (Turkey)

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4046Bids: 10

Set of Two Wera Lanterns

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 4047Bids: 6

Jaxson Copper Oval Beverage Tub Set with NWTF Logo- Small, Medium & Large

Leading Bid: $165Item #: 4048Bids: 17

Delta Wood Crate Ottomans - Set of Two

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 4049Bids: 18

NWTF Storage Chest with Rope Handles

Leading Bid: $121Item #: 4050Bids: 16

Two Bottle Canvas and Leather Wine Bottle Tote with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4051Bids: 10

Nomad Leafy 1/4 Zip in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo Size Xlarge/2XLarge

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 4052Bids: 9

Mabrey Galvanized Desk Clock

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4053Bids: 6

NWTF Faux Leather Trinket Box

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 4054Bids: 7

Gobbler Cookie Jar - Ceramic

Opening Bid: $10Item #: 4055

Kids Recliner with Cup Holder Mossy Oak NWTF Bottomland #2012

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 4056Bids: 17

Folly Glass Bottles - Set of Three

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4057Bids: 10

Rectangle Wood Tray with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4058Bids: 14

Round Rebel 20 gauge Renegade Silver & Clear Pendant on 18" Necklace

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 4060Bids: 9

Wine Charms Set with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 4062Bids: 4

Wood & Metal Mesh Boxes Set of Two

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4063Bids: 5

Wooden Concealment Tissue Box Holder

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4064Bids: 13

Ladder Desk with Two Shelves

Leading Bid: $195Item #: 4065Bids: 14

Boyt Pistol Case with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4066Bids: 11

BOYT Black H-Series Long Gun Case

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 4067Bids: 14

Whiskey Barrel Shelf

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 4068Bids: 18

Set of Two Whiskey Glasses with Shot Shell and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4069Bids: 13

Glass Decanter with Shot Shell and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4070Bids: 11

Three Piece BBQ Set in Wooden Pine Box

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4071Bids: 11

Set of Two Saddle Bar Stools Black

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4072Bids: 11

Crimson Trace CTS-1300 Shotgun or Rifle Sight

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 4073Bids: 11

Wooden Sign with Bark Edged and Carved NWTF Logo 9.5" x 12" Handmade in the USA

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4074Bids: 10

Lake Rules Pallet Art

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 4075Bids: 8

Whitetail Deer Stained Glass Art "In Prime" by Rosemary Millette

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 4076Bids: 20

Moose Stained Glass Art by Lee Kromshroeder

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 4077Bids: 16

Lantern with Autumn Song Artwork by Rosemary Millette

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4078Bids: 11

Packable Throw Blanket Royal Blue with NWTF Logo Patch

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 4079Bids: 7

Rugged Road Cooler

Leading Bid: $87Item #: 4080Bids: 8

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 The Original Salt Gun

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 4081Bids: 8

Fleur Scroll Switch Mat Tray and Lake Rules Insert Mat

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 4082Bids: 5

Two Piece Bag Set Brown

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4083Bids: 5

Knife in Tin with Artwork by Ryan Kirby Artwork on Knife and Tin

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4084Bids: 13

Muscogee Mills White Blanket with Turkey Feather Pattern and Large NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 4085Bids: 8

Tactacam 5.0 Wi-Fi Camera

Leading Bid: $310Item #: 4086Bids: 13

17" Accent Pine Cone Lamp with Hand Painted Shade

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 4087Bids: 8

Powder Coated Steel Metal Cylinder Bell Chime 36"L x 4.5" Diameter with a 14" Tube

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4088Bids: 11

Double Vision By Dallen Lambson

Leading Bid: $190Item #: 4089Bids: 8

2009 NWTF Stamp Frame Print by Pat Pauley

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 4090Bids: 19

Curio Cocktail Table by Mossy Oak

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 4091Bids: 15

Antler Table Made of Metal Brass

Leading Bid: $360Item #: 4092Bids: 16

Ocellated Turkey Print by Thomas A. Bennett

Leading Bid: $140Item #: 4093Bids: 13

ORCA Chaser Tumbler 27oz with State of Tennessee Design

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4094Bids: 6

ORCA Chaser Tumbler 27oz with University of Tennessee Design

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4095Bids: 6

Four-Tier Ladder Bookcase

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4096Bids: 11

ORCA Rocket Bottle Cup or Can Holder

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4097Bids: 6

Igloo Legacy Lunch Pack Cooler with NWTF Logo - cotton canvas - 20 can capacity

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4098Bids: 12

Umbrella Mossy Oak Obsession with NWTF Logo

Opening Bid: $5Item #: 4099

Barrel Ring Lazy Susan Small

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4100Bids: 11

Square Drink Table with Wood Shelf Top - Pinecone Accent Etched in Top 11" x 1" x 23" - burnt sienna/ stain

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4110Bids: 8

24" Round Turkey Scene Clock

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4111Bids: 12

Square Drink Table with Gobbler Shelf and Wood Top

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4112Bids: 10

Set with Turkey Track Logo Decanter, Whiskey Glass, Beer Glass and Engraved Wood Bottle Opener

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4113Bids: 12

Personalized Turkey Shoot Keepsake Box

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 4114Bids: 15

Wild Turkeys Light Box 7 watt with Chord and NWTF Text

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4115Bids: 13

LED Illuminated "Halo" NWTF Branded LED Single Sided Sign with a Halo Affect 12" Diameter

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 4116Bids: 15

Silver Stag Custom Deep Gut Hunter With NWTF Logo Handle and Sheath

Leading Bid: $455Item #: 4117Bids: 26

Safari Club Chair XL

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 4118Bids: 15

Black Corded Chair with Ottoman

Leading Bid: $270Item #: 4119Bids: 19

D2 Slab Series Limited Edition King Fish Fillet With NWTF Logo Handle and Sheath

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4120Bids: 11

Silver Stag Custom Tool Steel Bowie With NWTF Logo Handle and Sheath

Leading Bid: $325Item #: 4121Bids: 15

Metal Sign with NWTF Logo "Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt"- laser cut metal with a powder coated finish. Can be used to hang on a wall or a garden stake

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 4122Bids: 20

Flameless LED Candle Lantern - made from quality wood with a stainless steel finish on top. Image printed on back of glass.Built in auto timer. 12.5h x 8.75w x5.25D

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4123Bids: 11

Cast resin Blue-Winged Teal drake decoy from an original carving by Jett Brunet.Approximate size; 10"L x 5 3/4"H x 6"W.

Leading Bid: $400Item #: 4124Bids: 20

Canvasback Drake decoy. Jett Brunet 1998 is clearly marked on the underside of the tail feathers. 12"L x 6.5"H

Leading Bid: $300Item #: 4125Bids: 20

Mammoth Cooler 15 Quart Cruiser in Mossy Oak Agua Camo with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4126Bids: 11

Mossy Oak Electric Bike for Kids E16

Leading Bid: $330Item #: 4127Bids: 10

Williamsburg Rocker

Leading Bid: $310Item #: 4128Bids: 14

ALPS Grand Slam Turkey Vest Mossy Oak Obsession with Feet

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 4129Bids: 16

Boyt Messsenger Bag Mossy Oak Bottomland with NWTF Logo and Bird Knife

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4130Bids: 10

Savannah Dome Shaped Containers Set of Three

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4131Bids: 14

Four Piece Mossy Oak Bottomland Handled Cutlery Set on Stand

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4132Bids: 11

"Bearly Time" by Greg Alexander Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4133Bids: 8

NWTF Time of Plenty Black and White Sketch by Dave Barnhouse

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4134Bids: 8

Columbus Barrel Head Lazy Susan with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 4135Bids: 15

Columbus Barrel Wood & Shotgun Shell Coat Rack with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 4136Bids: 11

Columbus Barrel Head Bar Mirror with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 4137Bids: 12

Pencil Sketch Quail by Bob Bertram Framed Print 14.5" x 8.5"

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 4139Bids: 16

Gentleman Quail by Bob Bertram Framed Canvas 15.5" x 13"

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4140Bids: 16

Turkey I by Bob Bertram Framed Canvas 22" x 26"

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4141Bids: 10

Rough Stock 4 1/8" Trapper

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 4142Bids: 10

Buffalo Scout Folding Knife

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 4143Bids: 7

"Committed" by Jane Metz Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 4144Bids: 13

"Spring Creek Hideout" by Richard Plasschaert Framed Print

Leading Bid: $185Item #: 4145Bids: 15

"Struttin to Daybreak" by Greg Alexander Framed Giclee

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 4146Bids: 12

"The King's Lair" by Jay Kemp Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $255Item #: 4147Bids: 11

"Turkey Heaven" by Pat Pauley Framed Print

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 4148Bids: 14

"Victorian Autumn" by Thomas Kinkade Framed Print

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4149Bids: 9

"Woodland Forest Repose" by Jay Kemp Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $410Item #: 4150Bids: 16

2012 Stamp Print "Tom Tom" by Bruce Speidel

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4151Bids: 4

"Country Living" by Thomas Kinkade Framed Print

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4152Bids: 8

"Edge of the Forest" by Bruce Miller Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 4153Bids: 15

"Full Tilt' by Jay Kemp Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 4154Bids: 17

"In The Open"by Bucky Bowles Framed Print

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4155Bids: 11

"Legend's of the Call" by Melissa Ball Framed Print

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 4156Bids: 14

"Log Lookout" by Gary Moss Framed Print

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 4157Bids: 13

"Longbeard Legacy" by Philip Crowe Framed Print

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 4158Bids: 15

"Packing Out" by Joe Hautman Framed Print

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4159Bids: 10

"Peaceful Moments" by Thomas Kinkade Framed Print

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 4160Bids: 15

"Rossevelt's Moose Camp" by John Seerey-Lester Framed Print

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4161Bids: 8

"The Boys at the Hunting Shack" by Gary Moss Framed Print

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4162Bids: 10

"Time Out" by Melissa Ball Framed Print

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4163Bids: 13

Wooden Concealment Flag with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $330Item #: 4164Bids: 20

45QT Big Frig Cooler with "King of Spring" Artwork by Dustin Datillio On Lid

Leading Bid: $460Item #: 4165Bids: 22

Browning Knife Grand Slam Knife Set with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $360Item #: 4166Bids: 21

Wood Side Table with Elk Art and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4167Bids: 10

NWTF Office Chair MO Bottomland Camo with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $350Item #: 4168Bids: 14

Crosscut Saw with NWTF Logo (ornamental use only)

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4169Bids: 12

GCI RoadTrip Rocker with Original Bottomland Camo with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4170Bids: 14

GCI RoadTrip Rocker with Original Bottomland Camo with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4171Bids: 14

NWTF Logo LED Sign 15" x 17"

Leading Bid: $400Item #: 4172Bids: 10

Half Barrel Mini-Bar with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 4173Bids: 17

Children's 12V Mud Truck Black with Mossy Bottomland Camo Decals

Leading Bid: $400Item #: 4174Bids: 15

MoMarsh NWTF Cot Dog Bed with MO Bottomland Camo & NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $380Item #: 4175Bids: 15

Set of Three Boyt Exployer Dry Bags with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $280Item #: 4176Bids: 18

2022 Knife of The Year-Damascus Knife with Walnut Holder

Leading Bid: $250Item #: 4177Bids: 9

Black Lab Sculpture "Prideful Retrieve"

Leading Bid: $225Item #: 4178Bids: 18

Set of Three Resin Feathers

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4179Bids: 6

AvianX HDR Hen Decoy

Leading Bid: $145Item #: 4180Bids: 7

Primal Three Piece G-10 Knife Sets

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 4181Bids: 8

NWTF Vintage Wood Sign

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4182Bids: 13

Earrings Pearl and Pink Tourmaline

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 4183Bids: 8

River's Edge Antler Wine Bottle Holder

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4184Bids: 6

All Metal Bottle Opener 24" x 7" "Let's Get Basted"

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 4185Bids: 4

Alps Deception Blind in Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4186Bids: 8

Rosewood Handle Steak Knife Set

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 4187Bids: 16

2018 Knife of the Year in Wooden Box

Leading Bid: $175Item #: 4188Bids: 19

2019 Knife of the Year

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 4189Bids: 19

Zink Power Hen Series Box Call

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4190Bids: 12

Conserve Hunt Share Wall Hooks Set of Three

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 4191Bids: 7

Central Line Trunk Set of Three

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4193Bids: 11

Corbin Storage Boxes Set of Three

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 4194Bids: 10

Maurer Galvanized Planters Set of Two

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 4195Bids: 9

Turkey Tracks Lantern Set of Three

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4196Bids: 9

Brant Lidded Containers Set

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4197Bids: 11

Tipton Power Clean Brush Set

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 4198Bids: 8

"The Tennessee Mockingbird" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Pint

Opening Bid: $200Item #: 4199

"Uncle Johnny's Covey" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Print

Leading Bid: $160Item #: 4200Bids: 4

"Looking for Trouble" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Print

Leading Bid: $140Item #: 4201Bids: 3

"The Woodsman" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Poster

Opening Bid: $100Item #: 4202

Coffee Table Wood with Elk Artwork on Top

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4203Bids: 11

Black Flask with Two Shotglasses in Gift Box with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4204Bids: 12

Boyt Golf Bag Black with Mossy Oak Obsession Accents and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $220Item #: 4205Bids: 14

Boyt Golf Bag Black with Mossy Oak Obsession Accents and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $160Item #: 4206Bids: 13

Boyt Custom Five Piece NWTF Bag Set OD Green with Leather NWTF Patches

Leading Bid: $500Item #: 4207Bids: 16

Boyt NWTF Seven Piece NWTF Bag Set Black with Mossy Oak Accents and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $190Item #: 4208Bids: 5

Quick Clam Gazebo Canopy Brown

Leading Bid: $255Item #: 4209Bids: 17

Sportsmans Cooler in Realtree Camo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4210Bids: 12

Waterfowl Central Flyway Paper Print by Ryan Kirby (unframed)

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 4211Bids: 13

The HOPR Beer Tower with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4212Bids: 15

Antler Lamp with Shade 21" Tall

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4213Bids: 11

Orange Handled Field Dressing Combo with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4214Bids: 5

Double Hunting Knife Set - Black Handled with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4215Bids: 5

Boyt Alaskan Soft Sided Shotgun Case Khaki 52" Long

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4216Bids: 12

Boyt Alaskan Soft Sided Shotgun Case Khaki 52" Long

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4217Bids: 11

Boyt Alaskan Soft Sided Shotgun Case Khaki 52" Long

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4218Bids: 11

Set of Two Wood and Metal Crates

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4219Bids: 16

Copper Look Boot Tray with Pine Cone Design

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 4220Bids: 16

Stanley Travel Mug 16oz. Blue

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 4221Bids: 3

Brumate Hopsulater Slim Walnut 12oz With NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4222Bids: 11

8.75" Knife Overall 4.25" Satin Finish Stainless Clip Point Blade. Stag Bone Handle with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4223Bids: 15

3.88" Closed Knife. Mirror Finish Stainless Clip and Spey Blades.

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4224Bids: 13

5.25" Closed Knife 3.75" Black Finish Stainless blade. Orange textured G10 Handle

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 4225Bids: 6

Double Barrel Shotgun Serving Tray

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4226Bids: 13

NWTF Caving Set

Leading Bid: $43Item #: 4227Bids: 9

Gun Concealment Bench with Mossy Oak Obsession Cushioned Top

Leading Bid: $220Item #: 4228Bids: 11

"The Candidate" Turkey Sculpture by Paul Rhymer

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4229Bids: 15

Set of Three Folding Knives

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4230Bids: 15

Faux Stag Fixed Blade Knife

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 4231Bids: 18

Faux Stag Fixed Blade Knife

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4232Bids: 14

Chama All Terrain Swivel Hunting Chair

Leading Bid: $310Item #: 4233Bids: 19

Rite Edge Knives EKB7 Skinner

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4234Bids: 13

White Bone Fixed Blade Knife

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4235Bids: 10

White Bone 2 Blade Trapper Pocket Knife with NWTF Logo on Blade

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4236Bids: 11

Gobbling Turkey with Hens-Patrick Gibbs Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $106Item #: 4237Bids: 13

"Rut n Strut"-Turkeys by Sam Timm Framed Print

Leading Bid: $190Item #: 4238Bids: 18

"Deserted Farmstead" by Rosemary Millette Canvas

Leading Bid: $250Item #: 4239Bids: 21

Boyt Laptop Bag OD Green with Boyt Leather Patch

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 4240Bids: 8

Six Species 8.25" Wild Turkey Knives with Tan Canvas Holder

Leading Bid: $140Item #: 4241Bids: 11

Creek Kooler 30 Quart Tan with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 4242Bids: 17

Boyt Dry Bags Set of Three

Leading Bid: $190Item #: 4243Bids: 16

Hunting Chair Green Web Folding with Arms

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4244Bids: 13

IBEX Water's Edge 20 Quart Cooler with Custom Turkey Artwork on The Top

Leading Bid: $250Item #: 4245Bids: 21

Big Frig 45 Quart Cooler with Original Artwork by Dustin Dattilio

Leading Bid: $430Item #: 4246Bids: 20

Cast and Blast for Two Hunters in New York State

Leading Bid: $1100Item #: 4247Bids: 30

Soft Tanned Beaver Hide Wall Hanging

Leading Bid: $161Item #: 4248Bids: 15

Framed Autographed 2x Super Bowl Champion, New England Patriots Starting Center and Captain, David Andrews, Nike football jersey

Leading Bid: $500Item #: 4249Bids: 18

Custom Made NWTF Logo Black Walnut Coffee Table

Leading Bid: $430Item #: 4250Bids: 14

Framed NWTF Print "April Dancer" by Danny O'Driscoll

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 4251Bids: 19

"My Best of the Southern Wild" Hardback Coffee Table Book by Joe Mack Hudspeth

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 4252Bids: 4

"My Best of the Southern Wild" Hardback Coffee Table Book by Joe Mack Hudspeth

Leading Bid: $39Item #: 4253Bids: 3

Quigley Ford Optics QF416 Scope Certificate

Leading Bid: $1260Item #: 4254Bids: 21

Fly Fishing Trip for Two People in Pennsylvania with No Doubt Fly Fishing Guide Service

Leading Bid: $476Item #: 4255Bids: 22

Handcrafted 22x10" Wooden Serving Tray Made in the USA

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 4256Bids: 5

Handcrafted 23x8" Walnut Charcuterie Board Made in the USA

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4257Bids: 10

"The Clearing" by Marian Anderson 62/450

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 4258Bids: 8

Wild Turkey Hunt for One Hunter in Vermont by Green Mountain Gobblers

Leading Bid: $1055Item #: 4259Bids: 28

NWTF Logo Neon Sign

Leading Bid: $355Item #: 4260Bids: 21

40th Annual Convention and Sports Show NWTF engraved Storage Box With Turkey Call

Leading Bid: $88Item #: 4261Bids: 12

42nd Annual NWTF Convention Box Call

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4262Bids: 12

Kudo Bone Carving Set Andre Shoeman design

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 4263Bids: 8

Scott Ashburn Turkey Calls-Slate call and Trough Call

Leading Bid: $169Item #: 4264Bids: 16

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 6 "Pink Savage"

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 4265Bids: 16

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 7 "Be Pretty"

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 4266Bids: 16

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 8 "Mae West"

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 4267Bids: 19

Real NASCAR Hood with the National Wild Turkey Federation Logo Wrapped on the Hood!

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 4268Bids: 18

Maven RF.1 Rangefinder

Leading Bid: $435Item #: 4269Bids: 14

Maven B.1.2 Binoculars

Leading Bid: $760Item #: 4270Bids: 24

Dale Rohm World Slam Series Paddle Calls Set of Six

Leading Bid: $1054Item #: 4272Bids: 27

Set of Three Schultz Trunks

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4273Bids: 15

"Ponder' In' by Marian Anderson Framed Print 345/520

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 4274Bids: 3

"Warming Retreat" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 723/780

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4275Bids: 7

"Hunter's Moon" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 1251/1500

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4276Bids: 10

"Keepin' the Powder Dry" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 957/2300

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4277Bids: 8

"The Giveaway" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 1888/2300

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 4278Bids: 3

Case Star Spangled Knife in Tin

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4279Bids: 16

Browning Featherweight Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 4280Bids: 11

Browning Burlwood Handle Knife - 8.25” overall, 3.75” satin

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4281Bids: 10

Simulated Tanzanite Pendant and Earrings

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4282Bids: 14

Knit Hat OD Green with NWTF Logo Patch-lined with fleece and Super Grip Sling by Outdoor Connection

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 4283Bids: 12

Mike Pentecost-Woodhaven Call

Leading Bid: $127Item #: 4284Bids: 14

ALPS Vantage Bino Harness in Mossy Oak Obsession with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 4285Bids: 13

ALPS Tall Directors Chairs Set of Two

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4286Bids: 12

Set of Three Boyt Bags Black with Mossy Oak Obsession Camo and NWTF Logo-Laptop Bag, Backpack and Duffle

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 4287Bids: 7

Hunting with Mafuta's Safaris and Taxidermy

Leading Bid: $1750Item #: 4288Bids: 4

Mangwa Hunting Safari

Leading Bid: $2500Item #: 4289Bids: 9

Copper Look Beverage Tub with Stand

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4290Bids: 16

Hand Carved Beaver Bottle Opener by Garton Originals

Leading Bid: $280Item #: 4291Bids: 9

Flying American Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk) by Garton Originals

Leading Bid: $265Item #: 4292Bids: 8

Hand Carved Cherry Turkey Mirror

Leading Bid: $240Item #: 4293Bids: 7

Work Horse Collar Sign with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 4294Bids: 19

Metal NWTF Letters On Wood Sign

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 4295Bids: 11

Set of Two Trunks Aluminum Covered Trunks

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 4296Bids: 11

Canvas & Easels Set of Four with Ryan Kirby Deer Art

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4298Bids: 10

Boyt Laptop/Briefcase and Rolled Handle Duffel OD Green

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 4299Bids: 16

2 Piece Wood Handle Knife Set

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 4300Bids: 11

Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Poster

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 4301

"November Encounter" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Print

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 4302Bids: 11