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ALPS Crusader X Combo Waterproof Duffel Large 27"x15"

Leading Bid: $135Item #: 3001Bids: 18

ALPS Leisure Chair Khaki

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3002Bids: 13

ALPS Crusader X Combo Waterproof Duffle Standard 20"x13"

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3003Bids: 14

ALPS NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest in Mossy Oak Bottomland-Standard Size

Leading Bid: $305Item #: 3004Bids: 15

ALPS Floating Deluxe Blind Bag Real Tree Max Camo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3005Bids: 13

ALPS Little Bear Pack in Real Tree Edge Camo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3006Bids: 11

Two Burner Portable Tabletop Gas Griddle

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3007Bids: 13

Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses Set of Four

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3008Bids: 11

Outdoor Edge Ignitro Survival Knife

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3010Bids: 6

Outdoor Edge 3.5" Razor Lite EDC Knife

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3011Bids: 15

Outdoor Edge 3.3 Trail Blaze Knife

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3012Bids: 6

Outdoor Edge 3.5" Razor Lite Knife

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3013Bids: 7

Outdoor Edge Wild Pair Knife Set

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 3014Bids: 13

Outdoor Edge Wild Guide Knife Set

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3015Bids: 11

Outdoor Edge Wild Skin Knife

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3017Bids: 9

Hybrid Light The Atlas Camping Lantern

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3018Bids: 9

Hybrid Light The Journey 300

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3019Bids: 10

Hybrid Light The NAV Headlamp

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3020Bids: 9

Easy Up/Easy Down Tent (Image Coming Soon)

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3021Bids: 11

Collapsible Camp Cot with Carry bag

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3022Bids: 13

Six Piece Rosewood Handled Steak Knife Set in Acacia with Wood Magnetic Knife Stand

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3023Bids: 10

Six Piece Steak Knife Set With Imitation Stag Handles

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3024Bids: 10

Camp Chair Corner Style Black and Burgundy

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3025Bids: 5

Kitchen Knife Set with Holder

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3026Bids: 12

Three Piece Fillet Knife Set with Roll Up Storage Case

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3027Bids: 8

Field Gear Bag Green with Black Trim and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3028Bids: 12

Extra Large Cooler Tote Black and Blue

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3029Bids: 11

Camo Systems Quick Set Ground Blind GB01

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3030Bids: 9

Fish Board

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3031Bids: 6

Sportsman's Field Dressing Package

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3032Bids: 9

Smith's Fisherman Bundle

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3033Bids: 11

Blaze Orange Reversible Folding Knife & Gut Hook with NWTF Logo On Sheath

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3034Bids: 5

Mesa Countertop Kitchen Electric Knife Sharpener-Silver

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3035Bids: 13

Hayden's Game Calls Waterfowl Package - Nine Acrylic and Polycarbonate Waterfowl Calls

Leading Bid: $235Item #: 3036Bids: 18

Hayden's Predator Package -Six Polycarbonate Predator Calls

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3037Bids: 18

Constitutional 5-Gun Handgun Cabinet with SC Waterfowl Association Logo

Leading Bid: $101Item #: 3038Bids: 7

Do-All Outdoors Hand Held Clay Pigeon Launcher

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3039Bids: 12

NWTF Ammo Accessory Case Small with Shaped Lid

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3040Bids: 11

Stanley Hip Flask 8oz. Black

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3041Bids: 6

Stanley Camp Crock Three Quart Stainless Steel

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3042Bids: 9

PGA Tour Mulligan Cocktail Shaker

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3043Bids: 4

Winchester Deer Lantern

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3044Bids: 7

Wooden Cigar Box with Turkey and Tracks

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3045Bids: 11

Decorative Metal Jars with Wooden Lid - Set of Three with Labrador Retriever Artwork

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3046Bids: 7

Winchester Live to Hunt Wall Decor with White Tail Deer

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3047Bids: 9

Large Wooden Storage Box with Artwork by Linda Picken

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3048Bids: 20

Wooden Book Box 10 1/2" x 8"

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3049Bids: 6

Door mat with turkey and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3050Bids: 14

5 Piece Field/Game Knife Set with Mossy Oak Obsession Handles and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3051Bids: 12

Floating Deluxe Blind Bag in NWTF Original Bottomland with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3052Bids: 11

Knife - 5.25” closed, 4” Black Titanium Coated Stainless Clip Blade

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3053Bids: 8

Alps Outdoorz Little Bear Pack in NWTF Mossy Oak Bottomland with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3054Bids: 15

Padfolio with NWTF Mossy Oak Obsession Camo with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3055Bids: 4

Shooter Glasses Kit with Interchangeable Lenses

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3056Bids: 16

Wet/Dry Field & Gear Bag Combo (Large & Small)

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 3057Bids: 13

Thermacell Portable 60 Hour Kit with Holster and Refill

Leading Bid: $68Item #: 3058Bids: 8

Black Aluminum Hunter's Multi-Tool Knife

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3059Bids: 3

Takedown Rifle/Shotgun Case

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3060Bids: 13

NWTF Mission Statement Sign

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3061Bids: 9

In Spring We Strut, In Fall We Rut Sign

Leading Bid: $380Item #: 3062Bids: 16

Reel Flex Pak - 5 pc fillet knife Set

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3063Bids: 4

COB Work Light 180 Lumen with Adjustable Headlamp

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3064Bids: 3

NWTF Picture Frame 5" x 7"

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3065Bids: 10

Thicket Ground Blind in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3066Bids: 11

ALPS Vantage Bino Harness in Mossy Oak Obsession with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3067Bids: 15

Universal Field Kit

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3068Bids: 6

Shooting Bag Set

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3069Bids: 7

Gun Cleaning Range Bag

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3070Bids: 11

Springfield Armory Pistol Case

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3071Bids: 6

BOYT Black H-Series Long Gun Case

Leading Bid: $155Item #: 3072Bids: 17

Wooden American Flag Art with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3073Bids: 15

Boyt Mud River Gun Case in Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3074Bids: 10

Set of Two Stemless Wine Glasses with Shot Shell and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3075Bids: 9

The Vulcan Steel Climber Tree Stand

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3076Bids: 12

Primal Black Jack Hang On Steel Treestand

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3078Bids: 9

Multi Tool With Wooden Handle and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3079Bids: 6

Rustic Brown Leatherette Poker Set

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3080Bids: 9

Wooden Sign with Carved NWTF Logo 14" x 8" Handmade in the USA

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3081Bids: 13

Wood Sawcut Sign Lake Canoe with Artwork by Bob Metropulos 12" x 18"

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3082Bids: 6

Animal Track Wood Sign with Artwork by Ron Van Glider

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3083Bids: 12

Upland Game Birds Wood Sign with Artwork by Rosemary Millette

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3084Bids: 11

Deer Slat Wood Wall Decor

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3085Bids: 9

Wood Ducks Wrapped Canvas "Sitting Pretty"

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 3086Bids: 14

Wild Turkey Camp Wooden Pallet Art by Michael Sieve

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3087Bids: 18

Wooden American Flag Pallet Art with Turkey by Jim Kasper

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3088Bids: 16

Framed Canvas Giclee "Deserted Farmstead" by Rosemary Millette

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3089Bids: 20

Bottle Opener "Open Season" 24" x 7"

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3090Bids: 9

Scroll Switch Mat Tray and Welcome Pineapple Insert Mat

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3091Bids: 6

Knife with Wood Handle in Tin with Artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3092Bids: 9

Muscogee Mills Blue American Flag Beach Blanket 60" x 70"

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3093Bids: 5

Brumate Growler 64 oz OD Green With NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3094Bids: 10

Bear Business Card/Pen Holder

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3095Bids: 5

Set of Six Assorted Mango Wood Frames with Bark Edges

Leading Bid: $280Item #: 3096Bids: 19

"Moment of Truth" By Michael Sieve Framed Print

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3097Bids: 16

"This is John Deere County" By Barnhouse Framed Print

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3098Bids: 13

Peregrine Long Beard Turkey Hammock

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3099Bids: 10

Children's 12V Mud Truck Black with Realtree Camo Decals

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3100Bids: 20

ORCA 26 Quart Cooler-University of Alabama

Leading Bid: $301Item #: 3101Bids: 19

Oil-Less Gas Turkey Fryer/Roaster with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 3102Bids: 13

BBQ Grilling Set in Black Nylon Bag

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3103Bids: 4

ORCA Chaser Tumbler 27oz with State of Florida Design

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3104Bids: 3

ORCA Chaser Tumbler 27oz with State of North Carolina Design

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3105Bids: 4

ORCA 20 Quart Cooler-University of Florida

Leading Bid: $250Item #: 3106Bids: 14

Fishing Rack

Opening Bid: $10Item #: 3107

Four Gun Wall Rack

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3108Bids: 5

Hanging Wall Shelf Concealment

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3109Bids: 10

Quick Clam Gazebo Canopy Green

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3110Bids: 21

Cooler Tote Bag with PEVA Liner Black

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3111Bids: 5

Backpack with 20oz. Aluminum Water Bottle

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3112Bids: 5

Duffel Graphite Heather with Water Bottle

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3113Bids: 3

12 Pack Cooler Bag with Aluminum Water Bottle Navy Blue/Black

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 3114Bids: 2

Umbrella Black and White

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3115Bids: 4

Round Drink Table with Etched Feather Top

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3116Bids: 8

Square Drink Table with Feather Shelf and Wood Top

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3117Bids: 12

Lake and Field Fillet With NWTF Logo Handle and Sheath

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3118Bids: 14

Utility Board To Do List with Artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3119Bids: 11

The Swagger Lite Shooting Stick

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3120Bids: 6

Folding Tripod Shooting Bench

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3121Bids: 16

Magnum Shooting Bench

Leading Bid: $255Item #: 3122Bids: 17

Limited Edition Custom Skinner With NWTF Logo Handle and Sheath

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3123Bids: 6

Silver Stag Exclusive Limited Edition Trapper Hunter With NWTF Logo Handle

Leading Bid: $330Item #: 3124Bids: 22

Silver Stag Le Mountain Edge Hunter With Logo Handle

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3125Bids: 12

Wind Chime with Art Both Sides Lab and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3126Bids: 9

Gobbler Business Card/Pen Holder

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3127Bids: 14

Wood & Metal Mesh Boxes Set of Two

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3128Bids: 2

ALPS Grand Slam Turkey Vest Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 3129Bids: 13

ALPS Super Elite Turkey Vest Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3130Bids: 12

ALPS Deception Blind in Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3131Bids: 9

ALPS Stealth Hunting Chair Tan

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3132Bids: 15

Boyt H11 FDE Series Hard Sided Pistol Case with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3133Bids: 13

Driftwood Sculpture Duck with Cattails

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 3134Bids: 12

Wild Wings Glass Turkey Christmas Ornament

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3135Bids: 11

Outdoor Edge Reel Flex Pak

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3136Bids: 7

Browning Sleeping Bag and Two Pillows

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 3137Bids: 15

Columbus Barrel Wood Handheld Bottle Opener with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $5Item #: 3138Bids: 1

Columbus Barrel Wood Shot Shell Flask with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3139Bids: 15

Columbus Barrel Wood Wall Mount Bottle Opener with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3140Bids: 6

Hybrid Light Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Hunting for Conservation Light Set

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3141Bids: 12

Browning Buckmark Classic Knife in Tin with Hunting Dogs on Tin

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3142Bids: 16

NWTF Pillow and Throw with Ryan Kirby Artwork on Them

Leading Bid: $165Item #: 3143Bids: 19

Mossy Oak Obsession Duffle Bag with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3144Bids: 12

Range Bag Realtree Max 5 Camo with NWTF Logo (image coming soon)

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3145Bids: 12

Embossed Wall Art

Leading Bid: $66Item #: 3146Bids: 11

Marbles Knife 12 3/4" overall 7 1/2" Black Finish Stainless Blade and Orange Handle

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3147Bids: 4

Grunt Ball Bearing Folding Knife

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3148Bids: 5

NWTF EDC Stainless Steel Knife

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3149Bids: 8

"Riding the Wind" by Robert Hautman Framed Print

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3152Bids: 11

"Sons of Thunder" by Ryan Kirby Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3153Bids: 15

"Spring Creek Hideout" by Richard Plasschaert Framed Print

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3154Bids: 12

"Struttin to Daybreak" by Greg Alexander Framed Giclee

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3155Bids: 13

"The Blind" by Gary Moss Framed Print

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3156Bids: 12

"The King's Lair" by Jay Kemp Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $305Item #: 3157Bids: 12

"This is John Deere Country" by Dave Barnhouse Framed Print

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3158Bids: 7

"Turkey Heaven" by Pat Pauley Framed Print

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3159Bids: 9

"Woodland Forest Repose" by Jay Kemp Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3160Bids: 14

2012 Stamp Print "Tom Tom" by Bruce Speidel

Leading Bid: $106Item #: 3161Bids: 10

"Edge of the Forest" by Bruce Miller Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3162Bids: 15

"Full Tilt' by Jay Kemp Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $310Item #: 3163Bids: 18

"Legend's of the Call" by Melissa Ball Framed Print

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3164Bids: 8

"Log Lookout" by Gary Moss Framed Print

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3165Bids: 14

"Longbeard Legacy" by Philip Crowe Framed Print

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3166Bids: 9

"Packing Out" by Joe Hautman Framed Print

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3167Bids: 8

"Roosevelt's Moose Camp" by John Seerey-Lester Framed Print

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 3168Bids: 8

Two Bottle Canvas and Leather Wine Bottle Tote

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3169Bids: 3

Nomad Leafy 1/4 Zip in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo Size Xlarge/2XLarge

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 3170Bids: 10

Mabrey Galvanized Desk Clock

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3171Bids: 4

NWTF Faux Leather Trinket Box

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3172Bids: 4

Folly Glass Bottles - Set of Three

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3173Bids: 7

Rectangle Wood Tray with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 3174Bids: 15

Round Beach Towel - Gray with Turquoise Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3175Bids: 6

Set of Three Resin Feathers

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3176Bids: 3

Wine Charms Set with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 3177Bids: 2

Wood & Metal Mesh Boxes Set

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3178Bids: 3

Copper Look Beverage Tub with Stand

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3179Bids: 11

Custom NWTF Boot Tray "Tracks Stop Here"

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3180Bids: 10

Set of Two Wood and Metal Crates with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3181Bids: 14

Browning Featherweight Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3182Bids: 11

AvianX HDR Hen Decoy

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3183Bids: 16

Alps Vantage Bino Harness in Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3184Bids: 12

Wicked Series Zink Box Call

Leading Bid: $65Item #: 3185Bids: 13

Mike Pentecost-Woodhaven Crystal Call with Striker

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3186Bids: 18

Green Mountain Grill - Davy Crockett Series

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3187Bids: 18

Primal Three Piece G-10 Knife Sets

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3188Bids: 10

Browning Fixed Blade Knife with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 3189Bids: 16

NWTF Vintage Wood Sign

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3190Bids: 9

Cushion Cut Simulated Blue Sapphire Earrings

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 3191Bids: 13

Earrings Pearl & Pink Tourmaline

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3192Bids: 10

Montana Decoy Hen Ms Purr-Fect

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3193Bids: 12

River's Edge Antler Wine Bottle Holder

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3194Bids: 4

All Metal Bottle Opener 24" x 7" "Let's Get Basted"

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3195Bids: 4

Mossy Oak Custom Football with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3197Bids: 5

2018 Knife of the Year in Wooden Box

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3199Bids: 17

2019 Knife of the Year

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3200Bids: 19

Zink Power Hen Series Box Call

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3201Bids: 11

Conserve Hunt Share Wall Hooks Set of Three

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3202Bids: 4

Mango Wood Bar Buckets Set of Two

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3203Bids: 13

Central Line Trunk Set of Three

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3204Bids: 15

Corbin Storage Boxes Set of Three

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3205Bids: 6

Maurer Galvanized Planters Set of Two

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3206Bids: 8

Turkey Tracks Lantern Set of Three

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3207Bids: 13

Brant Lidded Containers Set

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3208Bids: 8

Tipton Power Clean Brush Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3209Bids: 5

"Pintails and Piroques" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Print

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 3210Bids: 1

Six Piece Knife Set in Glass Display Case with NWTF Medallion

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3213Bids: 13

Boyt Golf Bag Black with Mossy Oak Obsession Accents and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3214Bids: 14

Set of Four Square 14oz Old Fashion Glasses with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $87Item #: 3215Bids: 13

Mosquito Rappelling Set Large

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3216Bids: 7

Dartboard Black with Mossy Oak Trim and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3217Bids: 15

Growth and Maturity of White-Tailed Buck Paper Print by Ryan Kirby (unframed)

Leading Bid: $95Item #: 3218Bids: 14

Boyt NWTF Black Briefcase With Mossy Oak Obsession Camo and NWTF Logo Screen Printed

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3219Bids: 6

Boyt NWTF Brown Range Bag With Orange NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3220Bids: 11

Gun Case in Mossy Oak bottomland Camo with Drake Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3222Bids: 11

Metal Sign Orange Sun Design with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3223Bids: 11

Double Hunting Knife Set - Black handled with logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3224Bids: 6

Orange Handled Field Dressing Combo Set with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3225Bids: 4

Boyt Alaskan Soft Sided Shotgun Case Khaki 52" Long

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3226Bids: 11

Boyt Alaskan Soft Sided Shotgun Case Khaki 52" Long

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3227Bids: 10

Boyt Alaskan Soft Sided Shotgun Case Khaki 52" Long

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 3228Bids: 11

Six Piece Faux Stag and Wood Handle Cutlery Set With Tan Canvas Knife Sleeve Holder

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3229Bids: 11

Gobbler Cookie Jar - Ceramic

Opening Bid: $5Item #: 3230

Flambeau Max Blind in Mossy Oak Infinity Camo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3231Bids: 8

Hatchet with Leather Tag and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3232Bids: 13

Stanley Beer Pint 16oz. Black

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3233Bids: 3

Brumate Hopsulator Bott'L 12oz Stainless With NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3234Bids: 6

Hooyman Ratchet Pruners and Hooyman Compact Hand Saw

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3235Bids: 13

7.25" Knife overall. 3" satin finish stainless blade. Brown wood handle. Brass bolsters. Full tang, Brown nylon belt sheath

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3236Bids: 6

9.13" Knife overall. 4.75" Black Finish Stainless Clip Point Blade. Black and Brown Wood Handle. Full tang.

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3237Bids: 9

Two Bluetooth Speakers for Camp, Home or anywhere else. NWTF Logo on back of speaker. USB cable is included.

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3238Bids: 10

Outdoor Edge WildLite Knife Set

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3239Bids: 16

ORCA Stainless Steel Chaser Cafe 20oz with Clear Lid

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3240Bids: 6

Mammoth 20oz. Tumbler Drinkware

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3241Bids: 6

Buck 141 ORG PakLite Large Skinner 3.5" 420HC Guthook Blade with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3242Bids: 7

Outdoor Edge Onyx EDC Box #OX-10

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3243Bids: 6

Browning Knife Tactical Folder in Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3244Bids: 8

Kershaw 3/4 Three Quarter Ton Knife 1446 Blade length: 2.75 inches Overall length: 6.675 inches

Leading Bid: $21Item #: 3245Bids: 5

Kershaw Mesquite 1362 Wood Handle Lock Back Folder Knife

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3246Bids: 6

Kershaw Knives Tarheel 1364 Liner Lock Knife

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3247Bids: 4

Chalk Board with Mossy Oak Obsession Accents and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3248Bids: 4

Clam Quick Set Escape Gazebo Canopy with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3249Bids: 17

Gun Concealment Bench with Mossy Oak Obsession Cushioned Top

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3250Bids: 12

"The Candidate" Turkey Sculpture by Paul Rhymer

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3251Bids: 18

Set of Two Folding Knives with Damacus Blades

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3252Bids: 11

Faux Stag Fixed Blade Knife

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3254Bids: 10

White Bone Faux Damascus Fixed Blade Knife

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3255Bids: 11

White bone Two Blade Canoe Pocket Knife

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3256Bids: 5

Walking stick with eagle on handle

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3257Bids: 7

White Bone Faux Damascus Lock-Back State Pocket Knife with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3259Bids: 12

White Bone Single Blade State Pocket Knife

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3260Bids: 4

Set of Two Black Liner-Lock Folding Knives

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3261Bids: 7

Set of Two Black Liner-Lock Folding Knives

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3262Bids: 10

17oz. Copper lined Vacuum Insulated Bottle and 20oz. Copper lined Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3263Bids: 6

Set of Two Tumblers 20oz and 30oz Vacuum Insulated

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3264Bids: 14

Mark II Lockback Knife and NWTF Cap

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3265Bids: 7

Browning Cap Light and Canvas Front Black Mesh Back Cap

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3266Bids: 3

Woodtone 20oz Tumbler and Mug

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3267Bids: 14

Gun Rest, Quick-Shot Holster, Magnet Gun Caddy and Call Caddy

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3268Bids: 6

Mossy Oak Breakup Country Fleece Hat and Super Grip Sling by Outdoor Connection

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3269Bids: 7

Mossy Oak Breakup Country Fleece Hat and Super Grip Sling by Outdoor Connection

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3270Bids: 7

Knit Hat OD Green with NWTF Logo Patch-lined with fleece and Super Grip Sling by Outdoor Connection

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3271Bids: 8

Microfiber Beanies in Mossy Oak Obsession and Super Grip Sling

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3272Bids: 8

Mossy Oak Obsession Cap with Call Pocket and NWTF Logo Patch and Super Grip Sling by Outdoor Connection

Leading Bid: $37Item #: 3273Bids: 7

Browning Night Seeker 2 LED Cap Light, Gray Twill Cap and Mossy Oak Obsession Koozie with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $23Item #: 3274Bids: 5

"Flying Colors" by Michael Sieve Framed Print

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3275Bids: 15

Boyt Laptop Bag OD Green with Boyt Leather Patch

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3276Bids: 7

Boyt NWTF Shell Bag OD Green with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $166Item #: 3277Bids: 18

Set of Miscellaneous Camo Items

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3278Bids: 5

Decorative Slate Stand "The Game"

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3279Bids: 7

Six Piece Rosewood Handled Steak Knife Set

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3280Bids: 12

Six Piece Black and Brown Wood Handled Steak Knife Set with NWTF Logo in End of Handle

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3281Bids: 11

Ring Toss Game Wood with Mossy Oak Trim and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3283Bids: 6

Six Species 8.25" Wild Turkey Knives with Tan Canvas Holder

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3284Bids: 10

Wood Plaque with Metal Mossy Oak Logo Wine Bottle Holder

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3285Bids: 4

Mississippi Decoys Double Hen and Big Daddy Struttin Turkey

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3286Bids: 4

Dakota Waterfowl Decoys

Leading Bid: $160Item #: 3287Bids: 16

Pheasant Hunt for Two in South Dakota

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3288

Outdoor Vision Gear Package

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3289Bids: 10

Lake Erie Walleye, Lake Trout, Bass & Steelhead Fishing Trip for Four Guests in Pennsylvania

Leading Bid: $560Item #: 3290Bids: 19

Finger Lakes Duck Hunt for Three Hunters in New York

Leading Bid: $760Item #: 3291Bids: 26

Virtual Dog Training

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3292Bids: 13

Two Day Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Hunt for Two Hunters in Michigan

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3293Bids: 12

Four Day Rio Grande Turkey Hunt for One Hunter in Mexico

Leading Bid: $1200Item #: 3294Bids: 28

One Day Quail Hunt For Two Hunters in Alabama

Leading Bid: $1000Item #: 3295Bids: 25

Eastern Turkey Hunt For One Hunter in Kansas

Leading Bid: $606Item #: 3296Bids: 17

Quail Hunt for Three Hunters in South Carolina

Leading Bid: $900Item #: 3297Bids: 26

Turkey Hunt for Two Hunters in Oklahoma

Leading Bid: $1850Item #: 3298Bids: 16

Fall Turkey Hunt for One Hunter in New York

Leading Bid: $350Item #: 3299Bids: 8

Kryptek Pistol Case

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3301Bids: 7

My Best of the Southern Wild

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3302Bids: 4

Quigley Ford Optics QF416 Scope certificate

Leading Bid: $880Item #: 3303Bids: 27

One Day Fishing Charter on Lake Ontario for Four Guests

Leading Bid: $560Item #: 3304Bids: 23

Hornady Swag Package

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 3305Bids: 12

Predator Hunt Over Hounds for One Hunter in Pennsylvania

Leading Bid: $270Item #: 3306Bids: 13

South America Dove Hunt for Two Hunters

Leading Bid: $680Item #: 3307Bids: 25

American Range Bag

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3308Bids: 11

Lip Curl Scents Gift Card

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3309Bids: 4

Custom Wingbone Call

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 3310Bids: 13

Arctic Edge Pants Size Large

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3311Bids: 14

Black Cloud Federal Ammo Sweatshirt XL

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3312Bids: 8

Torkmag 5.56 x 45mm 40 Round Magazines

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3313Bids: 8

Military Appreciation Turkey Hunt for Two Hunters in South Carolina

Leading Bid: $755Item #: 3314Bids: 24

Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center CMA Concession

Leading Bid: $780Item #: 3315Bids: 19

Two Bottles of Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3316Bids: 14

Case Star Spangled Knife in Tin

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3317Bids: 15

Five Piece Ceramic Blade Cutlery Set

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3318Bids: 12

Small Tabletop Fireplace Lantern with NWTF Logo 19.5" and Tall Tabletop Fireplace Lantern with NWTF Logo 27.5"

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3319Bids: 9

Turkey Tail Feather Windmill Clock

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3320Bids: 11

Set of Three Bottomland Trunks

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3321Bids: 11

Simulated Tanzanite Pendant and Earrings

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3322Bids: 14

Six Species Wild Turkey Knife Set with Display Case

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3323Bids: 17

NWTF Ceiling Fan with Reversible Fan Blades

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3324Bids: 15

Savannah Dome Shaped Containers Set of Three

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3325Bids: 9

Set of Three Schultz Trunks

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 3326Bids: 15

"First Hour" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 10/480

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3327Bids: 12

"Lonesome Point" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 459/570

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3328Bids: 8

"Feather in Your Hat" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 819/1000

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3329Bids: 12

"Unknown Territory" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 516/1800

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 3330Bids: 6

3 Metal Utensil Holder

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3331