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Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller - Black

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2000Bids: 8

Thermacell Package MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller - Green, Thermacell Portable Repeller Case-Holster - Black and Package of 12 Repellent Mats/4 Fuel Refills

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2002Bids: 12

Thermacell Patio Mosquito Repeller

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2003Bids: 8

Two Person Dome Tent Black and Orange (image coming soon)

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2004Bids: 13

Seven Piece Cutlery Set with Imitation Stag Handles in Acacia Wood Block

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 2005Bids: 12

Six Piece Rosewood Handled Steak Knife Set

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2006Bids: 15

Six Piece Steak Knife Set With Turquoise and Wood Handles

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 2007Bids: 13

Six Piece Faux Stag and Wood Handle Cutlery Set With Tan Canvas Knife Sleeve Holder

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2008Bids: 12

Custom NWTF Basketball with Mossy Oak Obsession Camo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 2009Bids: 17

Laguiole Steak Knives

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2010Bids: 9

Two Toned Duffel Tan and Green

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2011Bids: 9

Weekend Duffel Bag with Travel Water Bottle and Coffee Tumbler

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2012Bids: 11

Large Weekender Bag Cream with Faux Leather Accents

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2013Bids: 13

12" Wooden Wall Clock with Laser Etched NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2014Bids: 14

Green Rain Poncho 55" x 82" When Opened

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2015Bids: 3

Canopy Grove Square Prep Cutting Board with Mineral Oil

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2016Bids: 5

Stanley The All-In-One Fry Pan Set

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2017Bids: 3

Wooden Tray with Metal Handles 18"

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2018Bids: 5

Set of Two Metal Wall Planters

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2019Bids: 10

Gold Pierced Metal Lantern 22"

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2020Bids: 4

Bronze Metal Wood Top Square Box

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2021Bids: 5

White/Gold Feathers Wall Decor

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2022Bids: 10

Bronze Metal Wood Top Round Box

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2023Bids: 5

Hybrid Light The PUC Expandable Lantern

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2024Bids: 4

Bronze Metal Wood Top Octagon Box

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2025Bids: 5

Set of Two Teal Glass Jewelry Boxes

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2026Bids: 9

Set of Two Metal Milk Cans- Grey

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2027Bids: 6

Brown Alligator Skin Vase 11.75" - Polyresin Brown Alligator Skin Vase 10" -

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2028Bids: 7

Wooden Wine Rack-Holds Eight Bottles

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2029Bids: 5

Silver Ceramic Feather Plate

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2030Bids: 6

Five Arm Candelabra

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2031Bids: 3

Four Light Taper Holder - Silver 23"

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2032Bids: 4

Five Hook Wall Organizer - wood/metal

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2033Bids: 10

Set of Two Banana Leaf Trays Gold

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2034Bids: 6

Aluminum Leaf on Stand 18"

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2035Bids: 3

Copper Jar 4.5"

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2036Bids: 3

Set of Two Wood Trays

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2037Bids: 9

Metal Wire Cage Hurricane Lanterns Set of Two-24" Large & 18" Small

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2038Bids: 9

Set of Three Bamboo Rope Baskets

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2039Bids: 12

Set of Two Plant Stands 23" and 26" Cylinder Style

Opening Bid: $10Item #: 2040

Set of Two Trays-Black

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2041Bids: 7

Set of Three Ivory Metal Planters on Stand 27.5", 23.75" and 31.5"

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2042Bids: 11

Metal Pitcher Flower Design

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2043Bids: 7

Three Metal Utensil Holder Life is Better in the Country

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2044Bids: 10

Set of Three Wooden Handled Open Boxes with Cotton Images

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2045Bids: 3

Metal Set of Four Flower Pails

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2046Bids: 9

Metal Tray Set of Two Birds

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2047Bids: 10

Latch Boxes Set of Three Floral Designs Choose Happy

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2048Bids: 6

Bird House Our Nest - Blue

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2049Bids: 6

Sagebrook Home Metal Flower Pails Set of Three

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2050Bids: 7

Mango Wood Grand Slam Frame with Openings for Four 4"x6" Photos

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2051Bids: 7

Tailgate Two-Tier Serving Bowls with Stand

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2052Bids: 5

Jemmi Fall Decal Wood Bowls and Tossing Utensils

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2053Bids: 10

Cooper Copper Planters - Set of Three

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2054Bids: 8

Cutting Board

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2055Bids: 10

Marcel Copper Foil Planters with Foldable Stands - Set of three

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 2057Bids: 9

Outer Banks Wall Clock

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2058Bids: 4

Wine Cork and Bottle Cap Holder

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2059Bids: 5

Coffee Talk Tic-Tac-Toe Board with Storage

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2060Bids: 5

Imax Velvet White Blanket with Feathers and Pinecones

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2061Bids: 9

IMAX Subspecies Pillow

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2062Bids: 6

Door Mat with Turkey and NWTF logo - made from recycled tires

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 2063Bids: 14

17" Accent Pine Tree Lamp with Hand Painted Shade

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2064Bids: 8

Wooden Serving Tray with Etched Pinecones 13" x 18" x 3"

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2065Bids: 4

10" Round Drink Table with Etched Pinecone Top 10" x 10" x 23" burnt sienna stain

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2066Bids: 7

HIS and HERS Black Bracelet Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2067Bids: 5

HIS and HERS Bracelets Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2068Bids: 5

Link Cuff Bracelet

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2069Bids: 7

Teardrop Clear and Bullet Necklace

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2070Bids: 7

Gold Finish Link Bracelet, 7.5" Swarovski Crystals and Fired Rounds

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2071Bids: 4

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Tigers Eye

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2072Bids: 3

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Blue & Lava Beads

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2073Bids: 4

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Amazonite & Rondelle

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2074Bids: 4

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Rose Quartz & Onyx Beads

Leading Bid: $22Item #: 2075Bids: 5

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Pictured Jasper

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2076Bids: 3

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Turquoise

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2077Bids: 4

Necklace and Earrings Gift Set

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2078Bids: 4

Necklace and Earrings Gift Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2079Bids: 4

.22 Caliber Tassle Necklace

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2080Bids: 3

Dangle Earrings with Clear Swaroski Crystals

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2081Bids: 7

Barrel Ring Lazy Susan Large - grey stain

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 2082Bids: 14

Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Opener

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2083Bids: 13

Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set - wood base is from a barrel stave

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2084Bids: 9

Cheese Board 14" x 3.5" x 1" with cork handle cheese knife

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2085Bids: 3

NWTF Rocking Chair - made of high tech cord/rope

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 2086Bids: 16

NWTF Plush Puppy

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2087Bids: 10

NWTF Waste Can

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2088Bids: 13

Adjustable Leather Bracelet with Three Medallions

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2089Bids: 6

Puzzle Great Smoky Mountains 400 Piece

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2090Bids: 3

Demdaco Wood Charcuterie Board with Knife and Bowl

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2091Bids: 10

Checkers Game Cloth Game Mat with Wooden Checker Pieces

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2092Bids: 6

Folding Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2093Bids: 6

Wall Decor Concealment Box - Green Faith Love Hope

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2094Bids: 13

Kitchen Pantry-Black

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2095Bids: 8

Wall Decor Concealment Box - Grey Wash Route 66

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2096Bids: 9

Hanging Wall Shelf Concealment

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2097Bids: 16

Boyt Dry Bag in OD Green with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2098Bids: 12

Provence Wine Set in Bamboo Box with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2099Bids: 9

4-in-1 Blanket/Poncho/Seat Cushion/Backpack

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2100Bids: 6

Tuscany Journal and Tumbler Gift Set in box

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2101Bids: 6

Pismo Pouch - green cotton canvas, brown Vegan Leather 8" x 10" x 1", zipper pocket and button front pocket

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2102Bids: 6

Cumberland Back Pack - made of 600D polyester 10"x 17"x 7.5"

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2103Bids: 5

Mamba Set - Six Stones In Velvet Bag In Wooden Box

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2104Bids: 2

Kooler Bag Blue with Cream Handles

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2105Bids: 5

Tartan Gray Blanket in Nylon Carry Bag

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2106Bids: 4

Deluxe Fleece Blanket with Toronto Maple Leaf Logo Print

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2107Bids: 2

First Aid Kit in Nylon Pouch with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $37Item #: 2108Bids: 6

11" x 11" x 8" Ultimate Macho Lunch 16-Can Cooler

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2109Bids: 9

16" x 11" x 4.5" Messenger Bag, Olive

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2110Bids: 3

Umbrella Mossy Oak Obsession with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2111Bids: 10

Umbrella Black

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2112Bids: 3

Umbrella Gray

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2113Bids: 2

Acacia Wood and Slate Cutting Board with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2114Bids: 13

Portfolio with NWTF logo- canvas and leatherette

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2115Bids: 6

Gfit Set Alunimum Wine Bottle and Two Stemless Wine Cups Light Teal

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2116Bids: 10

"Roosevelt's Moose Camp" By John Seerey Lester-Framed Print

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2117Bids: 5

Custom Wood Clock

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2118Bids: 3

Tech Case Gray Canvas with NWTF Logo Patch 8" x 11"and Tech Wallet Gray Canvas with NWTF Logo Patch 6" x 9"

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2119Bids: 10

Flameless LED Candle Lantern - made from quality galvanized metal finish. Built in auto timer. 12.5"h x 6"w x 6"d

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2120Bids: 5

Flameless LED Candle Lantern - made from quality wood with a stainless steel top. Built in auto timer. 13.5"h x 6.25"w x 6.25"d

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2121Bids: 10

Set with NWTF Logo Decanter, Whiskey Glass, Beer Glass and Engraved Wood Bottle Opener

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2122Bids: 13

Magnetic Chalk Board with Mossy Oak camo NWTF logo 17"H x 11"W

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2123Bids: 3

Feather/Faux 3" leather earrings

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2124Bids: 9

Feather/Faux 3" leather earrings -white/black

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2125Bids: 3

16" Pillow with "Turkey Country" Artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2126Bids: 9

Three Piece Custom NWTF Aluminum Cookware Set 8", 10", 12"

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2127Bids: 10

60" x 50" Sherpa Throw with"Turkey Country" Artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2128Bids: 13

Custom Dress Socks with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2129Bids: 4

NWTF 400 piece Puzzle with "Turkey Country" artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2130Bids: 7

NWTF Strider Heavy Duty/Collapsible Walking Stick

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2131Bids: 7

Set of Three Vintage Galvanized Look Pails with Copper Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2132Bids: 11

Smokin Toms Hunt Club Pallet Sign

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2134Bids: 8

Checkers Game - NWTF Themed

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2135Bids: 10

Turkey Family Enamelware - Set of four

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2136Bids: 6

Rectangle Candle Holder Centerpiece

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2137Bids: 9

Mossy Oak Woodlands Bins-Set of Two

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2138Bids: 7

Deer Mounted Tin & Pallet Sign

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2139Bids: 9

Nature Stemless Wine Glass Set of Four

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2140Bids: 5

Premium Zippered Tote - Heather Gray with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2141Bids: 7

Set of Two Resin Feathers

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2142Bids: 8

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller - blue

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2143Bids: 7

Wine Stopper with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2144Bids: 5

Antler Lamp with Shade 21" tall

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2145Bids: 12

"Committed" by Jane Metz Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 2146Bids: 13

"Misty Morning Monarch" by Adam Grimm Framed Print

Leading Bid: $180Item #: 2147Bids: 15

"This is John Deere Country" by Dave Barnhouse Framed Print

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2148Bids: 9

"Turkey Heaven" by Pat Pauley Framed Print

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 2149Bids: 9

"Victorian Autumn" by Thomas Kinkade Framed Print

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 2150Bids: 12

"Country Living" by Thomas Kinkade Framed Print

Leading Bid: $310Item #: 2151Bids: 19

"In The Open"by Bucky Bowles Framed Print

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2152Bids: 8

"Peaceful Moments" by Thomas Kinkade Framed Print

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 2153Bids: 14

"The Boys at the Hunting Shack" by Gary Moss Framed Print

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 2154Bids: 14

"Time Out" by Melissa Ball Framed Print

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 2155Bids: 15

Two Bottle Canvas and Leather Wine Bottle Tote

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2156Bids: 8

Nomad Leafy 1/4 Zip in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo Size Xlarge/2XLarge

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2157Bids: 9

Mabrey Galvanized Desk Clock

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2158Bids: 3

NWTF Faux Leather Trinket Box

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2159Bids: 5

Folly Glass Bottles - Set of Three

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2160Bids: 6

Rectangle Wood Tray with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2161Bids: 9

Round Beach Towel - Gray with NWTF Turquoise Logo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2162Bids: 9

Set of Three Resin Feathers

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2163Bids: 9

Wine Charms Set with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2164Bids: 2

Wood & Metal Mesh Boxes Set

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2165Bids: 4

Copper Look Beverage Tub with Stand

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2166Bids: 12

Custom NWTF Boot Tray "Tracks Stop Here"

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2167Bids: 12

Set of Two Wood and Metal Crates

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2168Bids: 7

Browning Featherweight Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2169Bids: 10

AvianX HDR Hen Decoy

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2170Bids: 12

Alps Vantage Bino Harness in Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2171Bids: 13

Wicked Series Zink Box Call

Leading Bid: $65Item #: 2172Bids: 8

Mike Pentecost-Woodhaven Crystal Call with Striker

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2173Bids: 14

Green Mountain Grill - Davy Crockett Series

Leading Bid: $265Item #: 2174Bids: 18

Primal Three Piece G-10 Knife Sets

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2175Bids: 5

Browning Fixed Blade Cocobolo Knife with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2176Bids: 11

NWTF Vintage Wood Sign

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2177Bids: 10

Cushion Cut Simulated Blue Sapphire Earrings

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 2178Bids: 12

Earrings Pearl & Pink Tourmaline

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2179Bids: 11

River's Edge Antler Wine Bottle Holder

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2180Bids: 4

All Metal Bottle Opener 24" x 7" "Let's Get Basted"

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2181Bids: 5

Six-piece Obsession & Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2182Bids: 9

Mossy Oak Custom Football with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2183Bids: 6

Rosewood Handle Steak Knife Set

Leading Bid: $81Item #: 2184Bids: 14

NWTF Custom Mossy Oak Obsession Wall Clock

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2185Bids: 10

Turkey Trivet with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2186Bids: 11

2018 Knife of the Year in Wooden Box

Leading Bid: $165Item #: 2187Bids: 17

2019 Knife of the Year and Holder

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 2188Bids: 19

Zink Power Hen Series Box Call

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2189Bids: 9

Wine Table with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 2190Bids: 11

Turkey Accent Lamp

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 2191Bids: 4

Vermont Iron & Wood Tray

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2192Bids: 7

Conserve Hunt Share Wall Hooks Set of Three

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2193Bids: 5

Mango Wood Bar Buckets Set of Two

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2194Bids: 10

NWTF Galvanized Round Trays Set of Three

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2195Bids: 7

NWTF Logo Trays Set of Three

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2196Bids: 3

Central Line Trunk Set of Three

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2197Bids: 11

Corbin Storage Boxes Set of Three

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2198Bids: 8

Maurer Galvanized Planters Set of Two

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2199Bids: 11

Turkey Tracks Lantern Set of Three

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2200Bids: 6

Brant Lidded Containers Set

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2201Bids: 7

Tipton Power Clean Brush Set

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2202Bids: 2

Varigated Scroll Sassafras Switch Mat Tray and Purple Cone Flower and Bees Insert Mat

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2203Bids: 2

Evergreen Floor Mat Embossed Bloom Where You're Planted

Leading Bid: $21Item #: 2204Bids: 4

Evergreen Floor Mat Embossed Hello Fall

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2205Bids: 2

USA Flag Box Art

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2206Bids: 5

Bluebird Wrapped Canvas "Back to Nature"

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2207Bids: 10

Goldfinch and Redbud Wrapped Canvas by Rosemary Millette

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2208Bids: 10

Three Picture Frame with Pine Cones "Back Country" by Michael Sieve

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2209Bids: 11

Muscogee Mills Blue American Flag Beach Towel with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2210Bids: 6

Young's Inc Coaster Set Turkey and Pumpkin Gather

Leading Bid: $5Item #: 2211Bids: 1

Non-Stick Frying Pan with Turkey Artwork

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2212Bids: 5

Young's Inc White Cheese Tray with Knife

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2213Bids: 2

Young's Inc White Wooden Utensil - Paper Towel Holder with Gathering Place

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2214Bids: 11

Young's Inc White Wooden Cutting Board Sign

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2215Bids: 7

Young's Inc Three Tier White Wooden Tray

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2216Bids: 10

Young's Inc Gather Barn Wood Tray

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2217Bids: 6

Young's Inc Matchsticks in Bottles Set of Two Bear and Raccoon

Leading Bid: $5Item #: 2218Bids: 1

Brumate Winesulator Blush 750ml With NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2219Bids: 11

Jemmi Fall Decal Wood Recipe Box

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2220Bids: 3

Tailgate Aluminum Chip and Dip Serving Tray

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2221Bids: 3

Jemmi Fall Decal Wood Cake Stand with Glass Dome Lid

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2222Bids: 8

Darha Triple Lantern

Leading Bid: $83Item #: 2223Bids: 13

Headed To Camp By Michael Sieve

Leading Bid: $280Item #: 2224Bids: 13

Wood Plaque with Metal Logo and Wine Bottle Holders

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2225Bids: 9

Browning For Her Folder Knife with Pink Mossy Oak Obsession Camo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2226Bids: 8

Kitchen Knife

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2227Bids: 11

Boyt Wine Cooler Bag with Wine Opener Green with Faux Leather Accents and NWTF Logo Patch

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2228Bids: 14

Set of 3 Urban Loft Containers with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2229Bids: 8

Gobbler Cookie Jar - Ceramic

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2230Bids: 8

10" Round Drink Table with Etched Feather Top 10" x 10" x 23" Burnt Sienna Stain

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2231Bids: 5

Stanley Travel Mug 16oz. Maroon

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2232Bids: 3

Set of Four Wine Glasses with Artwork Among The Trees by Kozar

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2233Bids: 3

Cooler Bag with Picnic Blanket Black with White Trim

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2234Bids: 4

Boyt Briefcase Black Nylon with Mossy Oak Accents and NWTF Logo Screenprinted

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2235Bids: 9

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller Lantern

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2236Bids: 8

"The Candidate" Turkey Sculpture by Paul Rhymer

Leading Bid: $140Item #: 2237Bids: 12

White Bone Two Blade Razor Trapper Pocket Knife

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2238Bids: 14

Stainless Camping Mug with Speckled Enamel Finish and Orange Speckled Coffee Mug with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2239Bids: 4

Shooter Shot Glass, Cordial Shot Clear Glass, Mug and White Ceramic Shot Glass

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2240Bids: 5

Wine Glass, Ceramic Shot Glass, Double on the Rocks Cocktail Glass and Black and Silver Bottle Opener

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2241Bids: 6

"Many Faces of Woods" by Greg Alexander Framed Print

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 2242Bids: 6

"Ridgetop Encounter" 1988 NWTF Sponsor Framed Print by Plassehaert

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 2243Bids: 19

Boyt Dry Bag with NWTF Logo Green with Black Trim

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2244Bids: 12

Stainless Steel Tumbler with Turkey Track and Camo Drink Coaster

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2245Bids: 7

Gun Concealment Bench with Mossy Oak Obsession Cushioned Top

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2246Bids: 11

Outdoor Edge 2.5 Trail Blaze Knife and Outdoor Edge Slide Winder Knife,

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2247Bids: 5

18oz Collapsible Silicone Bottle and Choke Tube Case

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2248Bids: 10

Ring Toss Game with Mossy Oak Artwork and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2249Bids: 6

"My Best of the Southern Wild" Hardback Coffee Table Book by Joe Mack Hudspeth

Leading Bid: $31Item #: 2251Bids: 7

"My Best of the Southern Wild" Hardback Coffee Table Book by Joe Mack Hudspeth

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2252Bids: 5

Quigley Ford Optics QF416 Scope Certificate

Leading Bid: $480Item #: 2253Bids: 20

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Trip, One Day for 5 People

Leading Bid: $560Item #: 2254Bids: 23

Dove Hunt for Two Hunters in Argentina or Uruguay with Maers and Goldman Outfitters

Leading Bid: $160Item #: 2255Bids: 14

Fishing Trip for One Day for Two Guests in West Virginia

Leading Bid: $280Item #: 2256Bids: 17

Honey Gift Basket

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2257Bids: 6

Yeti Hondo Set of Two Chairs with Bags

Leading Bid: $490Item #: 2258Bids: 23

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 1 "Beth"

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2259Bids: 13

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 2 "Mae West"

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2260Bids: 9

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 3 "Well Behaved"

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2261Bids: 8

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 4 "Annie Oakley"

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2262Bids: 10

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 5 "Annie Oakley"

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 2263Bids: 16

Handmade Crocheted NWTF Logo Afghan

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2264Bids: 13

Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center Country Christmas Package

Leading Bid: $800Item #: 2265Bids: 24

Small Tabletop Fireplace Lantern with NWTF Logo 19.5" and Tall Tabletop Fireplace Lantern with NWTF Logo 27.5"

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2266Bids: 6

Turkey Tail Feather Windmill Clock

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2267Bids: 10

Set of Three Bottomland Trunks

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2268Bids: 13

Case Star Spangled Knife in Tin

Leading Bid: $160Item #: 2269Bids: 15

Simulated Tanzanite Pendant and Earrings

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2270Bids: 14

Six Species Wild Turkey Knife Set with Display Case

Leading Bid: $145Item #: 2271Bids: 14

NWTF Ceiling Fan with Reversible Fan Blades

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 2272Bids: 17

Savannah Dome Shaped Containers Set of Three

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2273Bids: 7

Set of Three Schultz Trunks

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2274Bids: 11

"Heading for Camp" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 477/50

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 2275Bids: 10

"Longhunter" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 560/620

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2276Bids: 11

"Winters Trade" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 874/1200

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 2277Bids: 11

"High Country" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 890/2100

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 2278Bids: 10

Wind Chime Bronze Fleck

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2279Bids: 10

Turkey Hunt for Two Hunters in Maine and New Hampshire with Turkey Call All Access Host, Fred Bird

LiveItem #: 2901

Five Day and Five Night Dove Hunt for Two Hunters in Either Argentina or Uruguay

LiveItem #: 2902

Five Day and Six Night Illinois Spring Eastern Turkey Hunt with Bigger Bucks Outfitters for Two Hunters

LiveItem #: 2903

Three Day and Three Night All Inclusive Fishing Charter Package for Four Anglers with Griffin Fishing Charters and Lodge in Louisiana.

LiveItem #: 2904

Two Day and Three Night Eastern Turkey Hunt for Three Hunters in Kentucky with Triple Crown Outfitters

LiveItem #: 2905

Annual Kansas Governor's Ringneck Classic Invitation for Two Hunters

LiveItem #: 2906

Three Day and Four Night Trophy Axis Deer Hunt on the Mayfield Ranch in Texas for One Hunter and One Hunting Guest.

LiveItem #: 2907

Two Day and Two Night New York State Eastern Turkey Hunt for Two Hunters

LiveItem #: 2908

Wild Turkey and Deer One of a Kind Oil Painting by N. C. Miller

LiveItem #: 2909

Four Day and Five Night Whitetail Deer Hunt, Semi Guided Shotgun or Muzzleloader for Two Hunters in West Central Illinois

LiveItem #: 2910

Three Day and Two Night Spring Turkey Hunt in Kansas with KNS Outfitters for Four Hunters

LiveItem #: 2911

Three Day and Two Night Vacation Golf Package for Four in Pawley's Island, South Carolina with Lodging.

LiveItem #: 2912

Three Day and Three Night Rio Grande Turkey Hunt in Okemah, Oklahoma for One Lady along with Country Music Star Craig Morgan, former MLB Star Ryan Klesko, former MMA fighter and Olympian Dan Henderson and Hal Shaffer with Dropzone T.V.

LiveItem #: 2913

A Silencer Central Banish 45 Package

LiveItem #: 2914

Three Day and Three Night Missouri Eastern Wild Turkey Hunt for One Adult Hunter in Powdersville, Missouri at the Double Duece Ranch. Also with the Option of a South African Safari Hunt for Two to Six Hunters at the Wildebeest Lodge

LiveItem #: 2915

Five Day and Four Night Vacation for Four People to Disney Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida or Universal Studios in Anaheim, California from Executive Escapades

LiveItem #: 2916

Two Day and One Night Turkey Trot Acres Call Makers Summit and Guns N Lobsters Bash Package for Four People in Candor, New York

LiveItem #: 2917

Three Day and Three Night Spring Eastern Turkey Hunt and Fishing Trip with Southeastern Land Group in Alabama for Two Hunters and Two Guest

LiveItem #: 2918

Orvis Recon Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Outfits with Fly Fishing Float Trip for Two Anglers in Tennessee or North Carolina from Brown Trout Fly Fishing LLC

LiveItem #: 2919

Two Day Turkey Hunt for Two Hunters in South Carolina

LiveItem #: 2920

Two Day and Two Night Eastern Wild Turkey Hunt in Central Kansas with Bullet and Bowstrings for Two Hunters

LiveItem #: 2921

Traeger Ironwood 885 Grill Package

LiveItem #: 2922

G&G Longhorn Steers and 2 Day Turkey Hunt

LiveItem #: 2923

Gift Certificate for a 100x (100% Beaver) Custom Hat from Shorty’s Caboy Hattery in Oklahoma City, OK

LiveItem #: 2924

ALPS Crusader X Combo Waterproof Duffel Large 27"x15"

Leading Bid: $135Item #: 3001Bids: 18

ALPS Leisure Chair Khaki

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3002Bids: 13

ALPS Crusader X Combo Waterproof Duffle Standard 20"x13"

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3003Bids: 14

ALPS NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest in Mossy Oak Bottomland-Standard Size

Leading Bid: $305Item #: 3004Bids: 15

ALPS Floating Deluxe Blind Bag Real Tree Max Camo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3005Bids: 13

ALPS Little Bear Pack in Real Tree Edge Camo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3006Bids: 11

Two Burner Portable Tabletop Gas Griddle

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3007Bids: 13

Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses Set of Four

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3008Bids: 11

Outdoor Edge Ignitro Survival Knife

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3010Bids: 6

Outdoor Edge 3.5" Razor Lite EDC Knife

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3011Bids: 15

Outdoor Edge 3.3 Trail Blaze Knife

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3012Bids: 6

Outdoor Edge 3.5" Razor Lite Knife

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3013Bids: 7

Outdoor Edge Wild Pair Knife Set

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 3014Bids: 13

Outdoor Edge Wild Guide Knife Set

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3015Bids: 11

Outdoor Edge Wild Skin Knife

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3017Bids: 9

Hybrid Light The Atlas Camping Lantern

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3018Bids: 9

Hybrid Light The Journey 300

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3019Bids: 10

Hybrid Light The NAV Headlamp

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3020Bids: 9

Easy Up/Easy Down Tent (Image Coming Soon)

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3021Bids: 11

Collapsible Camp Cot with Carry bag

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3022Bids: 13

Six Piece Rosewood Handled Steak Knife Set in Acacia with Wood Magnetic Knife Stand

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3023Bids: 10

Six Piece Steak Knife Set With Imitation Stag Handles

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3024Bids: 10

Camp Chair Corner Style Black and Burgundy

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3025Bids: 5

Kitchen Knife Set with Holder

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3026Bids: 12

Three Piece Fillet Knife Set with Roll Up Storage Case

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3027Bids: 8

Field Gear Bag Green with Black Trim and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3028Bids: 12

Extra Large Cooler Tote Black and Blue

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3029Bids: 11

Camo Systems Quick Set Ground Blind GB01

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3030Bids: 9

Fish Board

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3031Bids: 6

Sportsman's Field Dressing Package

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3032Bids: 9

Smith's Fisherman Bundle

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3033Bids: 11

Blaze Orange Reversible Folding Knife & Gut Hook with NWTF Logo On Sheath

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3034Bids: 5

Mesa Countertop Kitchen Electric Knife Sharpener-Silver

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3035Bids: 13

Hayden's Game Calls Waterfowl Package - Nine Acrylic and Polycarbonate Waterfowl Calls

Leading Bid: $235Item #: 3036Bids: 18

Hayden's Predator Package -Six Polycarbonate Predator Calls

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3037Bids: 18

Constitutional 5-Gun Handgun Cabinet with SC Waterfowl Association Logo

Leading Bid: $101Item #: 3038Bids: 7

Do-All Outdoors Hand Held Clay Pigeon Launcher

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3039Bids: 12

NWTF Ammo Accessory Case Small with Shaped Lid

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3040Bids: 11

Stanley Hip Flask 8oz. Black

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3041Bids: 6

Stanley Camp Crock Three Quart Stainless Steel

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3042Bids: 9

PGA Tour Mulligan Cocktail Shaker

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3043Bids: 4

Winchester Deer Lantern

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3044Bids: 7

Wooden Cigar Box with Turkey and Tracks

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3045Bids: 11

Decorative Metal Jars with Wooden Lid - Set of Three with Labrador Retriever Artwork

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3046Bids: 7

Winchester Live to Hunt Wall Decor with White Tail Deer

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3047Bids: 9

Large Wooden Storage Box with Artwork by Linda Picken

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3048Bids: 20

Wooden Book Box 10 1/2" x 8"

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3049Bids: 6

Door mat with turkey and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3050Bids: 14

5 Piece Field/Game Knife Set with Mossy Oak Obsession Handles and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3051Bids: 12

Floating Deluxe Blind Bag in NWTF Original Bottomland with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3052Bids: 11

Knife - 5.25” closed, 4” Black Titanium Coated Stainless Clip Blade

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3053Bids: 8

Alps Outdoorz Little Bear Pack in NWTF Mossy Oak Bottomland with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3054Bids: 15

Padfolio with NWTF Mossy Oak Obsession Camo with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3055Bids: 4

Shooter Glasses Kit with Interchangeable Lenses

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3056Bids: 16

Wet/Dry Field & Gear Bag Combo (Large & Small)

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 3057Bids: 13

Thermacell Portable 60 Hour Kit with Holster and Refill

Leading Bid: $68Item #: 3058Bids: 8

Black Aluminum Hunter's Multi-Tool Knife

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3059Bids: 3

Takedown Rifle/Shotgun Case

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3060Bids: 13

NWTF Mission Statement Sign

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3061Bids: 9

In Spring We Strut, In Fall We Rut Sign

Leading Bid: $380Item #: 3062Bids: 16

Reel Flex Pak - 5 pc fillet knife Set

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3063Bids: 4

COB Work Light 180 Lumen with Adjustable Headlamp

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3064Bids: 3

NWTF Picture Frame 5" x 7"

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3065Bids: 10

Thicket Ground Blind in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3066Bids: 11

ALPS Vantage Bino Harness in Mossy Oak Obsession with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3067Bids: 15

Universal Field Kit

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3068Bids: 6

Shooting Bag Set

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3069Bids: 7

Gun Cleaning Range Bag

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3070Bids: 11

Springfield Armory Pistol Case

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3071Bids: 6

BOYT Black H-Series Long Gun Case

Leading Bid: $155Item #: 3072Bids: 17

Wooden American Flag Art with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3073Bids: 15

Boyt Mud River Gun Case in Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3074Bids: 10

Set of Two Stemless Wine Glasses with Shot Shell and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3075Bids: 9

The Vulcan Steel Climber Tree Stand

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3076Bids: 12

Primal Black Jack Hang On Steel Treestand

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3078Bids: 9

Multi Tool With Wooden Handle and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3079Bids: 6

Rustic Brown Leatherette Poker Set

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3080Bids: 9

Wooden Sign with Carved NWTF Logo 14" x 8" Handmade in the USA

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3081Bids: 13

Wood Sawcut Sign Lake Canoe with Artwork by Bob Metropulos 12" x 18"

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3082Bids: 6

Animal Track Wood Sign with Artwork by Ron Van Glider

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3083Bids: 12

Upland Game Birds Wood Sign with Artwork by Rosemary Millette

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3084Bids: 11

Deer Slat Wood Wall Decor

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3085Bids: 9

Wood Ducks Wrapped Canvas "Sitting Pretty"

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 3086Bids: 14

Wild Turkey Camp Wooden Pallet Art by Michael Sieve

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3087Bids: 18

Wooden American Flag Pallet Art with Turkey by Jim Kasper

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3088Bids: 16

Framed Canvas Giclee "Deserted Farmstead" by Rosemary Millette

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3089Bids: 20

Bottle Opener "Open Season" 24" x 7"

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3090Bids: 9

Scroll Switch Mat Tray and Welcome Pineapple Insert Mat

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3091Bids: 6

Knife with Wood Handle in Tin with Artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3092Bids: 9

Muscogee Mills Blue American Flag Beach Blanket 60" x 70"

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3093Bids: 5

Brumate Growler 64 oz OD Green With NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3094Bids: 10

Bear Business Card/Pen Holder

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3095Bids: 5

Set of Six Assorted Mango Wood Frames with Bark Edges

Leading Bid: $280Item #: 3096Bids: 19

"Moment of Truth" By Michael Sieve Framed Print

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3097Bids: 16

"This is John Deere County" By Barnhouse Framed Print

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3098Bids: 13

Peregrine Long Beard Turkey Hammock

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3099Bids: 10

Children's 12V Mud Truck Black with Realtree Camo Decals

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3100Bids: 20

ORCA 26 Quart Cooler-University of Alabama

Leading Bid: $301Item #: 3101Bids: 19

Oil-Less Gas Turkey Fryer/Roaster with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 3102Bids: 13

BBQ Grilling Set in Black Nylon Bag

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3103Bids: 4

ORCA Chaser Tumbler 27oz with State of Florida Design

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3104Bids: 3

ORCA Chaser Tumbler 27oz with State of North Carolina Design

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3105Bids: 4

ORCA 20 Quart Cooler-University of Florida

Leading Bid: $250Item #: 3106Bids: 14

Fishing Rack

Opening Bid: $10Item #: 3107

Four Gun Wall Rack

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3108Bids: 5

Hanging Wall Shelf Concealment

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3109Bids: 10

Quick Clam Gazebo Canopy Green

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3110Bids: 21

Cooler Tote Bag with PEVA Liner Black

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3111Bids: 5

Backpack with 20oz. Aluminum Water Bottle

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3112Bids: 5

Duffel Graphite Heather with Water Bottle

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3113Bids: 3

12 Pack Cooler Bag with Aluminum Water Bottle Navy Blue/Black

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 3114Bids: 2

Umbrella Black and White

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3115Bids: 4

Round Drink Table with Etched Feather Top

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3116Bids: 8

Square Drink Table with Feather Shelf and Wood Top

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3117Bids: 12

Lake and Field Fillet With NWTF Logo Handle and Sheath

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3118Bids: 14

Utility Board To Do List with Artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3119Bids: 11

The Swagger Lite Shooting Stick

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3120Bids: 6

Folding Tripod Shooting Bench

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3121Bids: 16

Magnum Shooting Bench

Leading Bid: $255Item #: 3122Bids: 17

Limited Edition Custom Skinner With NWTF Logo Handle and Sheath

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3123Bids: 6

Silver Stag Exclusive Limited Edition Trapper Hunter With NWTF Logo Handle

Leading Bid: $330Item #: 3124Bids: 22

Silver Stag Le Mountain Edge Hunter With Logo Handle

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3125Bids: 12

Wind Chime with Art Both Sides Lab and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3126Bids: 9

Gobbler Business Card/Pen Holder

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3127Bids: 14

Wood & Metal Mesh Boxes Set of Two

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3128Bids: 2

ALPS Grand Slam Turkey Vest Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 3129Bids: 13

ALPS Super Elite Turkey Vest Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3130Bids: 12

ALPS Deception Blind in Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3131Bids: 9

ALPS Stealth Hunting Chair Tan

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3132Bids: 15

Boyt H11 FDE Series Hard Sided Pistol Case with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3133Bids: 13

Driftwood Sculpture Duck with Cattails

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 3134Bids: 12

Wild Wings Glass Turkey Christmas Ornament

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3135Bids: 11

Outdoor Edge Reel Flex Pak

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3136Bids: 7

Browning Sleeping Bag and Two Pillows

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 3137Bids: 15

Columbus Barrel Wood Handheld Bottle Opener with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $5Item #: 3138Bids: 1

Columbus Barrel Wood Shot Shell Flask with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3139Bids: 15

Columbus Barrel Wood Wall Mount Bottle Opener with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3140Bids: 6

Hybrid Light Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Hunting for Conservation Light Set

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3141Bids: 12

Browning Buckmark Classic Knife in Tin with Hunting Dogs on Tin

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3142Bids: 16

NWTF Pillow and Throw with Ryan Kirby Artwork on Them

Leading Bid: $165Item #: 3143Bids: 19

Mossy Oak Obsession Duffle Bag with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3144Bids: 12

Range Bag Realtree Max 5 Camo with NWTF Logo (image coming soon)

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3145Bids: 12

Embossed Wall Art

Leading Bid: $66Item #: 3146Bids: 11

Marbles Knife 12 3/4" overall 7 1/2" Black Finish Stainless Blade and Orange Handle

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3147Bids: 4

Grunt Ball Bearing Folding Knife

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3148Bids: 5

NWTF EDC Stainless Steel Knife

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3149Bids: 8

"Riding the Wind" by Robert Hautman Framed Print

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3152Bids: 11

"Sons of Thunder" by Ryan Kirby Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3153Bids: 15

"Spring Creek Hideout" by Richard Plasschaert Framed Print

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3154Bids: 12

"Struttin to Daybreak" by Greg Alexander Framed Giclee

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3155Bids: 13

"The Blind" by Gary Moss Framed Print

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3156Bids: 12

"The King's Lair" by Jay Kemp Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $305Item #: 3157Bids: 12

"This is John Deere Country" by Dave Barnhouse Framed Print

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3158Bids: 7

"Turkey Heaven" by Pat Pauley Framed Print

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3159Bids: 9

"Woodland Forest Repose" by Jay Kemp Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3160Bids: 14

2012 Stamp Print "Tom Tom" by Bruce Speidel

Leading Bid: $106Item #: 3161Bids: 10

"Edge of the Forest" by Bruce Miller Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3162Bids: 15

"Full Tilt' by Jay Kemp Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $310Item #: 3163Bids: 18

"Legend's of the Call" by Melissa Ball Framed Print

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3164Bids: 8

"Log Lookout" by Gary Moss Framed Print

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3165Bids: 14

"Longbeard Legacy" by Philip Crowe Framed Print

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3166Bids: 9

"Packing Out" by Joe Hautman Framed Print

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3167Bids: 8

"Roosevelt's Moose Camp" by John Seerey-Lester Framed Print

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 3168Bids: 8

Two Bottle Canvas and Leather Wine Bottle Tote

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3169Bids: 3

Nomad Leafy 1/4 Zip in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo Size Xlarge/2XLarge

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 3170Bids: 10

Mabrey Galvanized Desk Clock

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3171Bids: 4

NWTF Faux Leather Trinket Box

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3172Bids: 4

Folly Glass Bottles - Set of Three

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3173Bids: 7

Rectangle Wood Tray with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 3174Bids: 15

Round Beach Towel - Gray with Turquoise Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3175Bids: 6

Set of Three Resin Feathers

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3176Bids: 3

Wine Charms Set with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 3177Bids: 2

Wood & Metal Mesh Boxes Set

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3178Bids: 3

Copper Look Beverage Tub with Stand

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3179Bids: 11

Custom NWTF Boot Tray "Tracks Stop Here"

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3180Bids: 10

Set of Two Wood and Metal Crates with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3181Bids: 14

Browning Featherweight Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3182Bids: 11

AvianX HDR Hen Decoy

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3183Bids: 16

Alps Vantage Bino Harness in Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3184Bids: 12

Wicked Series Zink Box Call

Leading Bid: $65Item #: 3185Bids: 13

Mike Pentecost-Woodhaven Crystal Call with Striker

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3186Bids: 18

Green Mountain Grill - Davy Crockett Series

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3187Bids: 18

Primal Three Piece G-10 Knife Sets

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3188Bids: 10

Browning Fixed Blade Knife with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 3189Bids: 16

NWTF Vintage Wood Sign

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3190Bids: 9

Cushion Cut Simulated Blue Sapphire Earrings

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 3191Bids: 13

Earrings Pearl & Pink Tourmaline

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3192Bids: 10

Montana Decoy Hen Ms Purr-Fect

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3193Bids: 12

River's Edge Antler Wine Bottle Holder

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3194Bids: 4

All Metal Bottle Opener 24" x 7" "Let's Get Basted"

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3195Bids: 4

Mossy Oak Custom Football with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3197Bids: 5

2018 Knife of the Year in Wooden Box

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 3199Bids: 17

2019 Knife of the Year

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3200Bids: 19

Zink Power Hen Series Box Call

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3201Bids: 11

Conserve Hunt Share Wall Hooks Set of Three

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3202Bids: 4

Mango Wood Bar Buckets Set of Two

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3203Bids: 13

Central Line Trunk Set of Three

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3204Bids: 15

Corbin Storage Boxes Set of Three

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3205Bids: 6

Maurer Galvanized Planters Set of Two

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3206Bids: 8

Turkey Tracks Lantern Set of Three

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3207Bids: 13

Brant Lidded Containers Set

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3208Bids: 8

Tipton Power Clean Brush Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3209Bids: 5

"Pintails and Piroques" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Print

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 3210Bids: 1

Six Piece Knife Set in Glass Display Case with NWTF Medallion

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3213Bids: 13

Boyt Golf Bag Black with Mossy Oak Obsession Accents and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3214Bids: 14

Set of Four Square 14oz Old Fashion Glasses with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $87Item #: 3215Bids: 13

Mosquito Rappelling Set Large

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3216Bids: 7

Dartboard Black with Mossy Oak Trim and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3217Bids: 15

Growth and Maturity of White-Tailed Buck Paper Print by Ryan Kirby (unframed)

Leading Bid: $95Item #: 3218Bids: 14

Boyt NWTF Black Briefcase With Mossy Oak Obsession Camo and NWTF Logo Screen Printed

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3219Bids: 6

Boyt NWTF Brown Range Bag With Orange NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3220Bids: 11

Gun Case in Mossy Oak bottomland Camo with Drake Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3222Bids: 11

Metal Sign Orange Sun Design with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3223Bids: 11

Double Hunting Knife Set - Black handled with logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3224Bids: 6

Orange Handled Field Dressing Combo Set with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3225Bids: 4

Boyt Alaskan Soft Sided Shotgun Case Khaki 52" Long

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3226Bids: 11

Boyt Alaskan Soft Sided Shotgun Case Khaki 52" Long

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3227Bids: 10

Boyt Alaskan Soft Sided Shotgun Case Khaki 52" Long

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 3228Bids: 11

Six Piece Faux Stag and Wood Handle Cutlery Set With Tan Canvas Knife Sleeve Holder

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3229Bids: 11

Gobbler Cookie Jar - Ceramic

Opening Bid: $5Item #: 3230

Flambeau Max Blind in Mossy Oak Infinity Camo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3231Bids: 8

Hatchet with Leather Tag and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3232Bids: 13

Stanley Beer Pint 16oz. Black

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3233Bids: 3

Brumate Hopsulator Bott'L 12oz Stainless With NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3234Bids: 6

Hooyman Ratchet Pruners and Hooyman Compact Hand Saw

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3235Bids: 13

7.25" Knife overall. 3" satin finish stainless blade. Brown wood handle. Brass bolsters. Full tang, Brown nylon belt sheath

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3236Bids: 6

9.13" Knife overall. 4.75" Black Finish Stainless Clip Point Blade. Black and Brown Wood Handle. Full tang.

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3237Bids: 9

Two Bluetooth Speakers for Camp, Home or anywhere else. NWTF Logo on back of speaker. USB cable is included.

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3238Bids: 10

Outdoor Edge WildLite Knife Set

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 3239Bids: 16

ORCA Stainless Steel Chaser Cafe 20oz with Clear Lid

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3240Bids: 6

Mammoth 20oz. Tumbler Drinkware

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3241Bids: 6

Buck 141 ORG PakLite Large Skinner 3.5" 420HC Guthook Blade with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3242Bids: 7

Outdoor Edge Onyx EDC Box #OX-10

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3243Bids: 6

Browning Knife Tactical Folder in Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3244Bids: 8

Kershaw 3/4 Three Quarter Ton Knife 1446 Blade length: 2.75 inches Overall length: 6.675 inches

Leading Bid: $21Item #: 3245Bids: 5

Kershaw Mesquite 1362 Wood Handle Lock Back Folder Knife

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3246Bids: 6

Kershaw Knives Tarheel 1364 Liner Lock Knife

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3247Bids: 4

Chalk Board with Mossy Oak Obsession Accents and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3248Bids: 4

Clam Quick Set Escape Gazebo Canopy with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3249Bids: 17

Gun Concealment Bench with Mossy Oak Obsession Cushioned Top

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3250Bids: 12

"The Candidate" Turkey Sculpture by Paul Rhymer

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3251Bids: 18

Set of Two Folding Knives with Damacus Blades

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3252Bids: 11

Set of 2 Wooden Handle Knives

Leading Bid: $5Item #: 3253Bids: 1

Faux Stag Fixed Blade Knife

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3254Bids: 10

White Bone Faux Damascus Fixed Blade Knife

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3255Bids: 11

White bone Two Blade Canoe Pocket Knife

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3256Bids: 5

Walking stick with eagle on handle

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3257Bids: 7

White Bone Faux Damascus Lock-Back State Pocket Knife with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3259Bids: 12

White Bone Single Blade State Pocket Knife

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3260Bids: 4

Set of Two Black Liner-Lock Folding Knives

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3261Bids: 7

Set of Two Black Liner-Lock Folding Knives

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3262Bids: 10

17oz. Copper lined Vacuum Insulated Bottle and 20oz. Copper lined Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3263Bids: 6

Set of Two Tumblers 20oz and 30oz Vacuum Insulated

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3264Bids: 14

Mark II Lockback Knife and NWTF Cap

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3265Bids: 7

Browning Cap Light and Canvas Front Black Mesh Back Cap

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3266Bids: 3

Woodtone 20oz Tumbler and Mug

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3267Bids: 14

Gun Rest, Quick-Shot Holster, Magnet Gun Caddy and Call Caddy

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3268Bids: 6

Mossy Oak Breakup Country Fleece Hat and Super Grip Sling by Outdoor Connection

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3269Bids: 7

Mossy Oak Breakup Country Fleece Hat and Super Grip Sling by Outdoor Connection

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3270Bids: 7

Knit Hat OD Green with NWTF Logo Patch-lined with fleece and Super Grip Sling by Outdoor Connection

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3271Bids: 8

Microfiber Beanies in Mossy Oak Obsession and Super Grip Sling

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3272Bids: 8

Mossy Oak Obsession Cap with Call Pocket and NWTF Logo Patch and Super Grip Sling by Outdoor Connection

Leading Bid: $37Item #: 3273Bids: 7

Browning Night Seeker 2 LED Cap Light, Gray Twill Cap and Mossy Oak Obsession Koozie with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $23Item #: 3274Bids: 5

"Flying Colors" by Michael Sieve Framed Print

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3275Bids: 15

Boyt Laptop Bag OD Green with Boyt Leather Patch

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3276Bids: 7

Boyt NWTF Shell Bag OD Green with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $166Item #: 3277Bids: 18

Set of Miscellaneous Camo Items

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3278Bids: 5

Decorative Slate Stand "The Game"

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3279Bids: 7

Six Piece Rosewood Handled Steak Knife Set

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3280Bids: 12

Six Piece Black and Brown Wood Handled Steak Knife Set with NWTF Logo in End of Handle

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3281Bids: 11

Ring Toss Game Wood with Mossy Oak Trim and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3283Bids: 6

Six Species 8.25" Wild Turkey Knives with Tan Canvas Holder

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3284Bids: 10

Wood Plaque with Metal Mossy Oak Logo Wine Bottle Holder

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3285Bids: 4

Mississippi Decoys Double Hen and Big Daddy Struttin Turkey

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3286Bids: 4

Dakota Waterfowl Decoys

Leading Bid: $160Item #: 3287Bids: 16

Pheasant Hunt for Two in South Dakota

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3288

Outdoor Vision Gear Package

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3289Bids: 10

Lake Erie Walleye, Lake Trout, Bass & Steelhead Fishing Trip for Four Guests in Pennsylvania

Leading Bid: $560Item #: 3290Bids: 19

Finger Lakes Duck Hunt for Three Hunters in New York

Leading Bid: $760Item #: 3291Bids: 26

Virtual Dog Training

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3292Bids: 13

Two Day Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Hunt for Two Hunters in Michigan

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3293Bids: 12

Four Day Rio Grande Turkey Hunt for One Hunter in Mexico

Leading Bid: $1200Item #: 3294Bids: 28

One Day Quail Hunt For Two Hunters in Alabama

Leading Bid: $1000Item #: 3295Bids: 25