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Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller - Black

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2000Bids: 8

Thermacell Package MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller - Green, Thermacell Portable Repeller Case-Holster - Black and Package of 12 Repellent Mats/4 Fuel Refills

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2002Bids: 12

Thermacell Patio Mosquito Repeller

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2003Bids: 8

Two Person Dome Tent Black and Orange (image coming soon)

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2004Bids: 13

Seven Piece Cutlery Set with Imitation Stag Handles in Acacia Wood Block

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 2005Bids: 12

Six Piece Rosewood Handled Steak Knife Set

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2006Bids: 15

Six Piece Steak Knife Set With Turquoise and Wood Handles

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 2007Bids: 13

Six Piece Faux Stag and Wood Handle Cutlery Set With Tan Canvas Knife Sleeve Holder

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2008Bids: 12

Custom NWTF Basketball with Mossy Oak Obsession Camo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 2009Bids: 17

Laguiole Steak Knives

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2010Bids: 9

Two Toned Duffel Tan and Green

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2011Bids: 9

Weekend Duffel Bag with Travel Water Bottle and Coffee Tumbler

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2012Bids: 11

Large Weekender Bag Cream with Faux Leather Accents

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2013Bids: 13

12" Wooden Wall Clock with Laser Etched NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2014Bids: 14

Green Rain Poncho 55" x 82" When Opened

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2015Bids: 3

Canopy Grove Square Prep Cutting Board with Mineral Oil

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2016Bids: 5

Stanley The All-In-One Fry Pan Set

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2017Bids: 3

Wooden Tray with Metal Handles 18"

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2018Bids: 5

Set of Two Metal Wall Planters

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2019Bids: 10

Gold Pierced Metal Lantern 22"

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2020Bids: 4

Bronze Metal Wood Top Square Box

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2021Bids: 5

White/Gold Feathers Wall Decor

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2022Bids: 10

Bronze Metal Wood Top Round Box

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2023Bids: 5

Hybrid Light The PUC Expandable Lantern

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2024Bids: 4

Bronze Metal Wood Top Octagon Box

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2025Bids: 5

Set of Two Teal Glass Jewelry Boxes

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2026Bids: 9

Set of Two Metal Milk Cans- Grey

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2027Bids: 6

Brown Alligator Skin Vase 11.75" - Polyresin Brown Alligator Skin Vase 10" -

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2028Bids: 7

Wooden Wine Rack-Holds Eight Bottles

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2029Bids: 5

Silver Ceramic Feather Plate

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2030Bids: 6

Five Arm Candelabra

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2031Bids: 3

Four Light Taper Holder - Silver 23"

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2032Bids: 4

Five Hook Wall Organizer - wood/metal

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2033Bids: 10

Set of Two Banana Leaf Trays Gold

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2034Bids: 6

Aluminum Leaf on Stand 18"

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2035Bids: 3

Copper Jar 4.5"

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2036Bids: 3

Set of Two Wood Trays

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2037Bids: 9

Metal Wire Cage Hurricane Lanterns Set of Two-24" Large & 18" Small

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2038Bids: 9

Set of Three Bamboo Rope Baskets

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2039Bids: 12

Set of Two Plant Stands 23" and 26" Cylinder Style

Opening Bid: $10Item #: 2040

Set of Two Trays-Black

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2041Bids: 7

Set of Three Ivory Metal Planters on Stand 27.5", 23.75" and 31.5"

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2042Bids: 11

Metal Pitcher Flower Design

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2043Bids: 7

Three Metal Utensil Holder Life is Better in the Country

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2044Bids: 10

Set of Three Wooden Handled Open Boxes with Cotton Images

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2045Bids: 3

Metal Set of Four Flower Pails

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2046Bids: 9

Metal Tray Set of Two Birds

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2047Bids: 10

Latch Boxes Set of Three Floral Designs Choose Happy

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2048Bids: 6

Bird House Our Nest - Blue

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2049Bids: 6

Sagebrook Home Metal Flower Pails Set of Three

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2050Bids: 7

Mango Wood Grand Slam Frame with Openings for Four 4"x6" Photos

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2051Bids: 7

Tailgate Two-Tier Serving Bowls with Stand

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2052Bids: 5

Jemmi Fall Decal Wood Bowls and Tossing Utensils

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2053Bids: 10

Cooper Copper Planters - Set of Three

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2054Bids: 8

Cutting Board

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2055Bids: 10

Marcel Copper Foil Planters with Foldable Stands - Set of three

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 2057Bids: 9

Outer Banks Wall Clock

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2058Bids: 4

Wine Cork and Bottle Cap Holder

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2059Bids: 5

Coffee Talk Tic-Tac-Toe Board with Storage

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2060Bids: 5

Imax Velvet White Blanket with Feathers and Pinecones

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2061Bids: 9

IMAX Subspecies Pillow

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2062Bids: 6

Door Mat with Turkey and NWTF logo - made from recycled tires

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 2063Bids: 14

17" Accent Pine Tree Lamp with Hand Painted Shade

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2064Bids: 8

Wooden Serving Tray with Etched Pinecones 13" x 18" x 3"

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2065Bids: 4

10" Round Drink Table with Etched Pinecone Top 10" x 10" x 23" burnt sienna stain

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2066Bids: 7

HIS and HERS Black Bracelet Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2067Bids: 5

HIS and HERS Bracelets Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2068Bids: 5

Link Cuff Bracelet

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2069Bids: 7

Teardrop Clear and Bullet Necklace

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2070Bids: 7

Gold Finish Link Bracelet, 7.5" Swarovski Crystals and Fired Rounds

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2071Bids: 4

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Tigers Eye

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2072Bids: 3

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Blue & Lava Beads

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2073Bids: 4

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Amazonite & Rondelle

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2074Bids: 4

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Rose Quartz & Onyx Beads

Leading Bid: $22Item #: 2075Bids: 5

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Pictured Jasper

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2076Bids: 3

Sassy Stretch Bracelet 6", Turquoise

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2077Bids: 4

Necklace and Earrings Gift Set

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2078Bids: 4

Necklace and Earrings Gift Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2079Bids: 4

.22 Caliber Tassle Necklace

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2080Bids: 3

Dangle Earrings with Clear Swaroski Crystals

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2081Bids: 7

Barrel Ring Lazy Susan Large - grey stain

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 2082Bids: 14

Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Opener

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2083Bids: 13

Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set - wood base is from a barrel stave

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2084Bids: 9

Cheese Board 14" x 3.5" x 1" with cork handle cheese knife

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2085Bids: 3

NWTF Rocking Chair - made of high tech cord/rope

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 2086Bids: 16

NWTF Plush Puppy

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2087Bids: 10

NWTF Waste Can

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2088Bids: 13

Adjustable Leather Bracelet with Three Medallions

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2089Bids: 6

Puzzle Great Smoky Mountains 400 Piece

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2090Bids: 3

Demdaco Wood Charcuterie Board with Knife and Bowl

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2091Bids: 10

Checkers Game Cloth Game Mat with Wooden Checker Pieces

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2092Bids: 6

Folding Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2093Bids: 6

Wall Decor Concealment Box - Green Faith Love Hope

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2094Bids: 13

Kitchen Pantry-Black

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2095Bids: 8

Wall Decor Concealment Box - Grey Wash Route 66

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2096Bids: 9

Hanging Wall Shelf Concealment

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2097Bids: 16

Boyt Dry Bag in OD Green with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2098Bids: 12

Provence Wine Set in Bamboo Box with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2099Bids: 9

4-in-1 Blanket/Poncho/Seat Cushion/Backpack

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2100Bids: 6

Tuscany Journal and Tumbler Gift Set in box

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2101Bids: 6

Pismo Pouch - green cotton canvas, brown Vegan Leather 8" x 10" x 1", zipper pocket and button front pocket

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2102Bids: 6

Cumberland Back Pack - made of 600D polyester 10"x 17"x 7.5"

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2103Bids: 5

Mamba Set - Six Stones In Velvet Bag In Wooden Box

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2104Bids: 2

Kooler Bag Blue with Cream Handles

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2105Bids: 5

Tartan Gray Blanket in Nylon Carry Bag

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2106Bids: 4

Deluxe Fleece Blanket with Toronto Maple Leaf Logo Print

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2107Bids: 2

First Aid Kit in Nylon Pouch with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $37Item #: 2108Bids: 6

11" x 11" x 8" Ultimate Macho Lunch 16-Can Cooler

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2109Bids: 9

16" x 11" x 4.5" Messenger Bag, Olive

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2110Bids: 3

Umbrella Mossy Oak Obsession with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2111Bids: 10

Umbrella Black

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2112Bids: 3

Umbrella Gray

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2113Bids: 2

Acacia Wood and Slate Cutting Board with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2114Bids: 13

Portfolio with NWTF logo- canvas and leatherette

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2115Bids: 6

Gfit Set Alunimum Wine Bottle and Two Stemless Wine Cups Light Teal

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2116Bids: 10

"Roosevelt's Moose Camp" By John Seerey Lester-Framed Print

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2117Bids: 5

Custom Wood Clock

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2118Bids: 3

Tech Case Gray Canvas with NWTF Logo Patch 8" x 11"and Tech Wallet Gray Canvas with NWTF Logo Patch 6" x 9"

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2119Bids: 10

Flameless LED Candle Lantern - made from quality galvanized metal finish. Built in auto timer. 12.5"h x 6"w x 6"d

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2120Bids: 5

Flameless LED Candle Lantern - made from quality wood with a stainless steel top. Built in auto timer. 13.5"h x 6.25"w x 6.25"d

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2121Bids: 10

Set with NWTF Logo Decanter, Whiskey Glass, Beer Glass and Engraved Wood Bottle Opener

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2122Bids: 13

Magnetic Chalk Board with Mossy Oak camo NWTF logo 17"H x 11"W

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2123Bids: 3

Feather/Faux 3" leather earrings

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2124Bids: 9

Feather/Faux 3" leather earrings -white/black

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2125Bids: 3

16" Pillow with "Turkey Country" Artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2126Bids: 9

Three Piece Custom NWTF Aluminum Cookware Set 8", 10", 12"

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2127Bids: 10

60" x 50" Sherpa Throw with"Turkey Country" Artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2128Bids: 13

Custom Dress Socks with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2129Bids: 4

NWTF 400 piece Puzzle with "Turkey Country" artwork by Ryan Kirby

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2130Bids: 7

NWTF Strider Heavy Duty/Collapsible Walking Stick

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2131Bids: 7

Set of Three Vintage Galvanized Look Pails with Copper Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2132Bids: 11

Smokin Toms Hunt Club Pallet Sign

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2134Bids: 8

Checkers Game - NWTF Themed

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2135Bids: 10

Turkey Family Enamelware - Set of four

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2136Bids: 6

Rectangle Candle Holder Centerpiece

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2137Bids: 9

Mossy Oak Woodlands Bins-Set of Two

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2138Bids: 7

Deer Mounted Tin & Pallet Sign

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2139Bids: 9

Nature Stemless Wine Glass Set of Four

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2140Bids: 5

Premium Zippered Tote - Heather Gray with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2141Bids: 7

Set of Two Resin Feathers

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2142Bids: 8

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller - blue

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2143Bids: 7

Wine Stopper with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2144Bids: 5

Antler Lamp with Shade 21" tall

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2145Bids: 12

"Committed" by Jane Metz Framed Canvas Giclee

Leading Bid: $150Item #: 2146Bids: 13

"Misty Morning Monarch" by Adam Grimm Framed Print

Leading Bid: $180Item #: 2147Bids: 15

"This is John Deere Country" by Dave Barnhouse Framed Print

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2148Bids: 9

"Turkey Heaven" by Pat Pauley Framed Print

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 2149Bids: 9

"Victorian Autumn" by Thomas Kinkade Framed Print

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 2150Bids: 12

"Country Living" by Thomas Kinkade Framed Print

Leading Bid: $310Item #: 2151Bids: 19

"In The Open"by Bucky Bowles Framed Print

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2152Bids: 8

"Peaceful Moments" by Thomas Kinkade Framed Print

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 2153Bids: 14

"The Boys at the Hunting Shack" by Gary Moss Framed Print

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 2154Bids: 14

"Time Out" by Melissa Ball Framed Print

Leading Bid: $170Item #: 2155Bids: 15

Two Bottle Canvas and Leather Wine Bottle Tote

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2156Bids: 8

Nomad Leafy 1/4 Zip in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo Size Xlarge/2XLarge

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2157Bids: 9

Mabrey Galvanized Desk Clock

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2158Bids: 3

NWTF Faux Leather Trinket Box

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2159Bids: 5

Folly Glass Bottles - Set of Three

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2160Bids: 6

Rectangle Wood Tray with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2161Bids: 9

Round Beach Towel - Gray with NWTF Turquoise Logo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2162Bids: 9

Set of Three Resin Feathers

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2163Bids: 9

Wine Charms Set with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2164Bids: 2

Wood & Metal Mesh Boxes Set

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2165Bids: 4

Copper Look Beverage Tub with Stand

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2166Bids: 12

Custom NWTF Boot Tray "Tracks Stop Here"

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2167Bids: 12

Set of Two Wood and Metal Crates

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2168Bids: 7

Browning Featherweight Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2169Bids: 10

AvianX HDR Hen Decoy

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2170Bids: 12

Alps Vantage Bino Harness in Mossy Oak Obsession

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2171Bids: 13

Wicked Series Zink Box Call

Leading Bid: $65Item #: 2172Bids: 8

Mike Pentecost-Woodhaven Crystal Call with Striker

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2173Bids: 14

Green Mountain Grill - Davy Crockett Series

Leading Bid: $265Item #: 2174Bids: 18

Primal Three Piece G-10 Knife Sets

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2175Bids: 5

Browning Fixed Blade Cocobolo Knife with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2176Bids: 11

NWTF Vintage Wood Sign

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2177Bids: 10

Cushion Cut Simulated Blue Sapphire Earrings

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 2178Bids: 12

Earrings Pearl & Pink Tourmaline

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2179Bids: 11

River's Edge Antler Wine Bottle Holder

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2180Bids: 4

All Metal Bottle Opener 24" x 7" "Let's Get Basted"

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2181Bids: 5

Six-piece Obsession & Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2182Bids: 9

Mossy Oak Custom Football with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2183Bids: 6

Rosewood Handle Steak Knife Set

Leading Bid: $81Item #: 2184Bids: 14

NWTF Custom Mossy Oak Obsession Wall Clock

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2185Bids: 10

Turkey Trivet with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2186Bids: 11

2018 Knife of the Year in Wooden Box

Leading Bid: $165Item #: 2187Bids: 17

2019 Knife of the Year and Holder

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 2188Bids: 19

Zink Power Hen Series Box Call

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2189Bids: 9

Wine Table with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 2190Bids: 11

Turkey Accent Lamp

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 2191Bids: 4

Vermont Iron & Wood Tray

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2192Bids: 7

Conserve Hunt Share Wall Hooks Set of Three

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2193Bids: 5

Mango Wood Bar Buckets Set of Two

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2194Bids: 10

NWTF Galvanized Round Trays Set of Three

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2195Bids: 7

NWTF Logo Trays Set of Three

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2196Bids: 3

Central Line Trunk Set of Three

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2197Bids: 11

Corbin Storage Boxes Set of Three

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2198Bids: 8

Maurer Galvanized Planters Set of Two

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2199Bids: 11

Turkey Tracks Lantern Set of Three

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2200Bids: 6

Brant Lidded Containers Set

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2201Bids: 7

Tipton Power Clean Brush Set

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2202Bids: 2

Varigated Scroll Sassafras Switch Mat Tray and Purple Cone Flower and Bees Insert Mat

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2203Bids: 2

Evergreen Floor Mat Embossed Bloom Where You're Planted

Leading Bid: $21Item #: 2204Bids: 4

Evergreen Floor Mat Embossed Hello Fall

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2205Bids: 2

USA Flag Box Art

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2206Bids: 5

Bluebird Wrapped Canvas "Back to Nature"

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2207Bids: 10

Goldfinch and Redbud Wrapped Canvas by Rosemary Millette

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2208Bids: 10

Three Picture Frame with Pine Cones "Back Country" by Michael Sieve

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2209Bids: 11

Muscogee Mills Blue American Flag Beach Towel with NWTF logo

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2210Bids: 6

Young's Inc Coaster Set Turkey and Pumpkin Gather

Leading Bid: $5Item #: 2211Bids: 1

Non-Stick Frying Pan with Turkey Artwork

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2212Bids: 5

Young's Inc White Cheese Tray with Knife

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 2213Bids: 2

Young's Inc White Wooden Utensil - Paper Towel Holder with Gathering Place

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2214Bids: 11

Young's Inc White Wooden Cutting Board Sign

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2215Bids: 7

Young's Inc Three Tier White Wooden Tray

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2216Bids: 10

Young's Inc Gather Barn Wood Tray

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2217Bids: 6

Young's Inc Matchsticks in Bottles Set of Two Bear and Raccoon

Leading Bid: $5Item #: 2218Bids: 1

Brumate Winesulator Blush 750ml With NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2219Bids: 11

Jemmi Fall Decal Wood Recipe Box

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2220Bids: 3

Tailgate Aluminum Chip and Dip Serving Tray

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2221Bids: 3

Jemmi Fall Decal Wood Cake Stand with Glass Dome Lid

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2222Bids: 8

Darha Triple Lantern

Leading Bid: $83Item #: 2223Bids: 13

Headed To Camp By Michael Sieve

Leading Bid: $280Item #: 2224Bids: 13

Wood Plaque with Metal Logo and Wine Bottle Holders

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2225Bids: 9

Browning For Her Folder Knife with Pink Mossy Oak Obsession Camo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2226Bids: 8

Kitchen Knife

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2227Bids: 11

Boyt Wine Cooler Bag with Wine Opener Green with Faux Leather Accents and NWTF Logo Patch

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2228Bids: 14

Set of 3 Urban Loft Containers with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2229Bids: 8

Gobbler Cookie Jar - Ceramic

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2230Bids: 8

10" Round Drink Table with Etched Feather Top 10" x 10" x 23" Burnt Sienna Stain

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2231Bids: 5

Stanley Travel Mug 16oz. Maroon

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2232Bids: 3

Set of Four Wine Glasses with Artwork Among The Trees by Kozar

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 2233Bids: 3

Cooler Bag with Picnic Blanket Black with White Trim

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2234Bids: 4

Boyt Briefcase Black Nylon with Mossy Oak Accents and NWTF Logo Screenprinted

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2235Bids: 9

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller Lantern

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2236Bids: 8

"The Candidate" Turkey Sculpture by Paul Rhymer

Leading Bid: $140Item #: 2237Bids: 12

White Bone Two Blade Razor Trapper Pocket Knife

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 2238Bids: 14

Stainless Camping Mug with Speckled Enamel Finish and Orange Speckled Coffee Mug with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 2239Bids: 4

Shooter Shot Glass, Cordial Shot Clear Glass, Mug and White Ceramic Shot Glass

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2240Bids: 5

Wine Glass, Ceramic Shot Glass, Double on the Rocks Cocktail Glass and Black and Silver Bottle Opener

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2241Bids: 6

"Many Faces of Woods" by Greg Alexander Framed Print

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 2242Bids: 6

"Ridgetop Encounter" 1988 NWTF Sponsor Framed Print by Plassehaert

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 2243Bids: 19

Boyt Dry Bag with NWTF Logo Green with Black Trim

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2244Bids: 12

Stainless Steel Tumbler with Turkey Track and Camo Drink Coaster

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2245Bids: 7

Gun Concealment Bench with Mossy Oak Obsession Cushioned Top

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2246Bids: 11

Outdoor Edge 2.5 Trail Blaze Knife and Outdoor Edge Slide Winder Knife,

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2247Bids: 5

18oz Collapsible Silicone Bottle and Choke Tube Case

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 2248Bids: 10

Ring Toss Game with Mossy Oak Artwork and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 2249Bids: 6

"My Best of the Southern Wild" Hardback Coffee Table Book by Joe Mack Hudspeth

Leading Bid: $31Item #: 2251Bids: 7

"My Best of the Southern Wild" Hardback Coffee Table Book by Joe Mack Hudspeth

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 2252Bids: 5

Quigley Ford Optics QF416 Scope Certificate

Leading Bid: $480Item #: 2253Bids: 20

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Trip, One Day for 5 People

Leading Bid: $560Item #: 2254Bids: 23

Dove Hunt for Two Hunters in Argentina or Uruguay with Maers and Goldman Outfitters

Leading Bid: $160Item #: 2255Bids: 14

Fishing Trip for One Day for Two Guests in West Virginia

Leading Bid: $280Item #: 2256Bids: 17

Honey Gift Basket

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 2257Bids: 6

Yeti Hondo Set of Two Chairs with Bags

Leading Bid: $490Item #: 2258Bids: 23

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 1 "Beth"

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2259Bids: 13

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 2 "Mae West"

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2260Bids: 9

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 3 "Well Behaved"

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2261Bids: 8

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 4 "Annie Oakley"

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 2262Bids: 10

Pretty Hunter Outfit Number 5 "Annie Oakley"

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 2263Bids: 16

Handmade Crocheted NWTF Logo Afghan

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2264Bids: 13

Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center Country Christmas Package

Leading Bid: $800Item #: 2265Bids: 24

Small Tabletop Fireplace Lantern with NWTF Logo 19.5" and Tall Tabletop Fireplace Lantern with NWTF Logo 27.5"

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 2266Bids: 6

Turkey Tail Feather Windmill Clock

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 2267Bids: 10

Set of Three Bottomland Trunks

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2268Bids: 13

Case Star Spangled Knife in Tin

Leading Bid: $160Item #: 2269Bids: 15

Simulated Tanzanite Pendant and Earrings

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2270Bids: 14

Six Species Wild Turkey Knife Set with Display Case

Leading Bid: $145Item #: 2271Bids: 14

NWTF Ceiling Fan with Reversible Fan Blades

Leading Bid: $230Item #: 2272Bids: 17

Savannah Dome Shaped Containers Set of Three

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 2273Bids: 7

Set of Three Schultz Trunks

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2274Bids: 11

"Heading for Camp" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 477/50

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 2275Bids: 10

"Longhunter" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 560/620

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 2276Bids: 11

"Winters Trade" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 874/1200

Leading Bid: $105Item #: 2277Bids: 11

"High Country" by Marian Anderson Framed Print 890/2100

Leading Bid: $85Item #: 2278Bids: 10

Wind Chime Bronze Fleck

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 2279Bids: 10