Class and Session Descriptions
Sunset Kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboarding
Some of the nation's finest waters flow through and past this area of Swansboro You can enjoy kayaking or stand up paddle boarding in the beautiful waters while the sun sets in the distance. You will be joined by experienced guides that will help with the basics and lead the tour.  Limited space, register early!  (approx 2 Hrs.)
Sunset Cruise 
A Sunset Cruise is a fantastic way to relax at the end of your busy day. Kick back and enjoy the ride as the sun sets slowly below the horizon and provides a glorious painted skyline for your viewing pleasure. Bring your own food and drink to make your trip more enjoyable. Alcoholic beverages are allowed on board. A large cooler is available for your convenience or there is plenty of room to bring your own small cooler. t(approx 2 Hrs.)
Basic Firearm Safety
Students are taught the rules for safe gun handling; primary causes of firearms accidents; firearm parts; how to load and unload certain action types; ammunition components; care; safe storage of firearms in the home; and the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports and hunting. (approx 1 Hr.)
Intro to 3-Gun
Learn about one the fastest growing and most exciting shooting sport out there right now is 3-gun competition. If you’re not familiar with 3-gun, it consists of a set of courses in which you shoot three different guns—a rifle, a pistol and a shotgun—at different stages, and engage various short- and long-distance targets from various positions. Scoring is based on time and hits minus penalties, with each stage assigned match points based on degree of difficulty. This class is designed for those that are familiar with firearm handling and shooting and to explore the world of the 3-gun sport.  Students will cover the rules for safe gun handling; specific equipment; rules and etiquette; shooting while moving; and shooting basics with live fire. (approx 2 Hr.)
3D Archery
3D archery is a subset of field archery focusing on shooting at life-size models of game. Participants will shoot at 15-20 unmarked distances to recreate a hunting environment.  This is for beginning and intermediate archers. Beginner bows will be on hand for those who don’t have their own compound or recurve bow, crossbows are not allowed to be shot at targets.  Experts will be on hand to teach shooting basics and to assist intermediate archers on improving their skills.    If you have your own compound or recurve bow with field points, please bring them. (approx 1-2 Hrs. depending on skill level)
Outdoor Cooking
Food will be prepared during class.  (approx 2 Hrs.)
Wilderness Safety/Survival

Whether you are camping, hiking or hunting in the great outdoors, you have the chance of being injured or losing your way.  The class will help you prepare for your outdoor adventures and lessen the chances of being unprepared when things do go wrong.  Learn what you should always take with you; what to avoid; simple first aid; what to do if you get lost; how to help get found; what to use sheltering and defense in different locations; what to do about water storage and disinfection, food, energy, hygiene; and other tips and tricks to help you stay safe during your outdoor adventures. (approx 2 Hrs.)
Hydro-Dipping is where paint resting on the surface of water is then transferred onto an object through dipping.  We will have glass wine bottles on hand to dip. Participants can also bring an item they would like to dip (skull, mailbox, wood, etc.) while we have experts on hand to provide help.  This class is limited to 20 ladies per session, so sign up early!  (approx 1 ½  Hrs.)
Knife & Axe Sharpening and Knots for the Outdoors   
In this session you will learn how to renew and preserve the edges of all of your knives.  You’ll cover different types of sharpeners, the process of sharpening, which knives are best to sharpen and general knife.  You will also be shown different knots for different types of outdoor needs and get to practice them. (approx 1 Hr.)
Wine Bottle Tiki Torch and Stone Art Crafts
Join us for this enjoyable craft and take home a keepsake from your trip to the coast. 
Make your own tiki torch using a wine bottle! Take Hydro-Painting first and use your newly painted wine bottle for this project! (approx 1 Hr.)
Paracord Bracelet
A piece of survival gear might not be part of your everyday wardrobe - but maybe it should be. And it doesn't have to look like gear either. Paracord bracelets are a tidy way of carrying 3 plus yards of cordage on your person. Why is paracord good to have on hand? Uses for a paracord bracelet are varied; unravel a bracelet and use cordage to fasten a shelter, build primitive traps, make general repairs, hang a line and so much more. If you need more length (without the strength) stripping the paracord to reveal the interior strands can provide six to eight times more string. Join us to make your own WOW paracord bracelet.  (approx 1 Hr.)
Clay Target Shooting
Clay target shooting is one of the three major disciplines of Skeet.  Participants will learn or practice the art of shooting a shotgun at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets.  Participants are welcome to bring their own firearms.  (approx 1 Hr.)
Sunday Group Activities
Beach Yoga 
Join us on Emerald Isle for a relaxing morning before you start your hike. This is a warm, welcoming, peaceful way to experience yoga. A unique, gentle and honest approach to the ancient tradition of yoga.  Suitable for everyone regardless of age, experience, flexibility or strength. (approx 1 Hr.)
​Whether you have hiked in the beautiful Croatan National Forest before or not, you are in for a treat.  

Croatan National Forest, one of four National Forests in North Carolina and the only true coastal forest in the East. The Croatan National Forest's 160,000 acres have pine forests, saltwater estuaries, bogs and raised swamps called pocosins. Bordered on three sides by tidal rivers and the Bogue Sound, the forest is defined by water.

All this water provides a variety of recreation and diversity of wildlife- from deer, black bears and turkeys to wading birds, ospreys and alligators. Canoeing and fishing are popular on blackwater creeks and saltwater marshes. The Croatan is also home to the carnivorous Venus fly-trap, sunder and pitcherplant.

​We will begin our hike at the Weetock Trail with an experienced guide. This will not be a typical hike as we will go off the path and learn about wildlife and some other hidden gems!