Whether you're an avid hunter, an outdoor enthusiast, interested in the 2nd Amendment or conservation, the 2023 Central Florida Strutters NWTF Banquet will have something for you. 

The NWTF — a national nonprofit organization — is the leader in upland wildlife
habitat conservation in North America.
Founded in 1973, the NWTF is headquartered in Edgefield, S.C., and has local chapters in every state.
The NWTF is dedicated to the conservation and the preservation of our hunting heritage. Hunting and habitat go hand-in-hand.

We can't have quality hunting without quality wildlife habitat. And the past has proven we won't have sustainable wildlife habitat unless hunters are involved.

Hunters pay for 80 percent of the budgets for state wildlife agencies, which drive the research and work to restore essential habitat for game and nongame species.

We could sit idle and watch fields go fallow and our hunting rights crumble, or we can begin saving our lifestyle now.
The NWTF isn't going to let it happen on our watch. That's why we launched the Healthy Habitats - Healthy Harvests initiative. It's an aggressive charge that mobilizes science, fundraising and our devoted volunteers not only to keep the NWTF alive but also to give it more purpose than ever.

It's an effort we must all stand behind to accomplish. Its success depends equally on unity and urgency. We must work together and we must do it now if we want to even begin to counteract the challenges to our lifestyle.

Tickets are NOT sold at the door.