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Wooden Concealment Flag with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3000Bids: 9

Wood Handled Knife with Sheath 8.75" Overall Length

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3001Bids: 5

35QT Big Frig Cooler with "King of Spring" Artwork by Dustin Datillio On Lid

Leading Bid: $260Item #: 3002Bids: 17

Browning Grand Slam Knife Set

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 3003Bids: 13

Wood Side Table with Elk Art and NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 3004Bids: 8

NWTF Office Chair Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $410Item #: 3005Bids: 16

Crosscut Saw with NWTF Logo (ornamental use only)

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3006Bids: 7

Set of Two GCI RoadTrip Rocker with Original Bottomland Camo with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3007Bids: 11

NWTF Logo LED Sign 17" X 15"

Leading Bid: $220Item #: 3008Bids: 8

Half Barrel Mini-Bar Table with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $145Item #: 3009Bids: 10

Children's 12V Mud Truck Black with Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo Decals

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3010Bids: 3

MoMarsh NWTF Cot Dog Bed with Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo & NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $246Item #: 3011Bids: 14

Set of Three Boyt Exployer Dry Bags with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3012Bids: 12

2022 Knife of The Year-Damascus Knife with Walnut Holder

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3013Bids: 5

Black Lab Sculpture "Prideful Retrieve"

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3014Bids: 1

50th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel End Sign

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3015Bids: 7

50th Anniversary Six Piece Knife Set in Display Case

Leading Bid: $55Item #: 3016Bids: 7

50th Anniversary Knife of The Year

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3017Bids: 12

Sculpture "A New Generation Rises" by Dennis Frazen

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3018Bids: 4

ALPS Three Piece Bag Set-Rolling Luggage, Duffle & Business Trav

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3019Bids: 10

Custom NWTF Paddle Board Package

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3020Bids: 5

"Tuckered Out" by Melissa Ball Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3021Bids: 4

"Old Times Not Forgotten" by Eddie Leroy Framed Canvas

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3022Bids: 6

Browning Red Dot with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $130Item #: 3023Bids: 11

Concealment Coffee Table

Opening Bid: $50Item #: 3024

Woodhaven Custom Call

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3025Bids: 8

BenShot Decanter Set in Gift Box

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3026Bids: 4

Baird Built Custom NWTF Firepit

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3027Bids: 3

Walker Game Ear Muffs

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3028Bids: 9

Twilight Glow Lantern by Terry Redlin

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3029Bids: 4

In His Prime Wrapped Canvas Clock

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3030Bids: 1

Dog Doesn't Like You Wood Sign

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3031Bids: 3

Rustic Retreat Kitchen Set

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3032Bids: 2

Bowie MR589 Knife

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3033Bids: 6

Time Out by Melissa Ball Framed Print

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3034Bids: 1

Schrade Uncle Henry Golden Spike Knife

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3035Bids: 2

Schrade Sharpfinger & Pal Set

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3036Bids: 3

Evening on Ice by Terry Redlin Framed Print

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3037Bids: 3

Turkey Heaven by Pat Paluh Framed Print

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3038Bids: 2

Creekbottom Counter Part by Ryan Kirby Framed Print

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3039Bids: 6

Corrugated Metal Hunting Rules Sign

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3040Bids: 3

Bronze Mailbox with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $75Item #: 3041Bids: 5

ALPS Outdoorz Pursuit Backpack Mossy Oak Country DNA Camo

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3042Bids: 8

Blue Ridge Knives Fixed Blade BR814

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3043Bids: 2

Skinner Knife with Wood Handle and Nylon Sheath

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 3044Bids: 1

Misty Morning Monarch by Adam Grimm Framed Print

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 3045Bids: 6

Hybrid Light Six Piece Pro Kit

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3046Bids: 11

ALPS Sportsmen Belt Coyote Brown

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3047Bids: 4

Flask Set

Leading Bid: $5Item #: 3048Bids: 1

Portfolio Saddle Tan with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3049Bids: 3

Ameristep Tent Chair Blind in Mossy Oak Country Camo

Leading Bid: $140Item #: 3050Bids: 10

Avery Finisher 2.0 Blind Bag

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3051Bids: 4

Avian X LCD Feeder Hen

Leading Bid: $110Item #: 3052Bids: 13

Guthook Knife Set

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3053Bids: 3

Benelli Ducker Blind Bag in Mossy Oak Bottomland

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3054Bids: 6

Avian X LCD Half-Strut Jake

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3055Bids: 10

Canada Goose FullBody Flexlite Heads 4pk

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3056Bids: 2

Knife with Carbon Steel Blade and Leather Sheath

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3057Bids: 5

Muddy Outdoors Swivel Ease Xtreme Chair

Leading Bid: $120Item #: 3058Bids: 12

Banded Packable Backpack in Mossy Oak Bottomland

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3059Bids: 9

Bone Handle Knife with Leather Sheath

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3060Bids: 2

Banded Packable Blind Bag in Mossy Oak Bottomland

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3061Bids: 2

Benelli Ducker Gun Case in Mossy Oak Bottomland

Leading Bid: $65Item #: 3062Bids: 11

Three Piece Hunting Knife Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3063Bids: 4

Set of Three Central Line Trunks

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3064Bids: 1

Crosman DPMS SBR Compact Full Auto .177 Caliber BB Rifle & Black Hawk Sport 36" Tactical Carbine Case Black

Leading Bid: $111Item #: 3065Bids: 5

Boyt Signature Scoped Rifle Case in ODGreen 48in

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3066Bids: 11

Boyt Signature Shotgun Case Khaki

Leading Bid: $81Item #: 3067Bids: 11

Browning Primal Kodiak Folding Knife

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3068Bids: 1

Camp Chef Redwood Fire Pit

Leading Bid: $35Item #: 3069Bids: 3

Hunter Knife with Sheath

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3070Bids: 2

High Fly String Release Manual Trap

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3071Bids: 5

Champion Metal Double Reaction Spinner Target

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3072Bids: 1

ECM Legacy Standard Mallard 12 Pack

Leading Bid: $90Item #: 3073Bids: 10

Ugly Stik Camo Baitcaser Combo 701MH & Fieldine Ugly Stik Tackle Bag

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3074Bids: 2

Sportsman's Range Bag Black with Remington Oil 1oz bottle, Remington Oil Pop-Up Can, Remington Pad, Remington Drilube 4oz aerosol

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3075Bids: 2

Stag Knife with Sheath

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3076Bids: 3

SnapSafe Treklite Lock Box

Opening Bid: $20Item #: 3077

Wheeler Pro Gunsmith Screwdriver Set 89 Pieces

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3078Bids: 9

OTIS 750 Tactical Cleaning System & Sportsman's Range Bag

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3079Bids: 1

Mossy Oak Outfiters Shoe/Boot Dryer & Shoe/Boot Scrubber

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3080Bids: 6

Plano Extra Large 108 Quart Storage Tub with Wheels in Olive Green

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3081Bids: 4

Onyx Inflatable/Manual Life Jacket

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3082Bids: 9

Shimano Symetre Spinning Combo & Insights Tackle Bag

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3083Bids: 3

Avian X LCD Laydown Hen

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3084Bids: 9

Canada Goose FullBody Flexlite Heads 4pk

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3085Bids: 2

Mossy Oak Outfitters Deluxe Shooting Bench

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3086Bids: 5

Wood Handled Knife with Damascus Blade on Display Stand

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3087Bids: 3

Hoppes Gun Vise with Dry Kit

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3088Bids: 1

Muddy Outdoors Swivel Ease Ground Seat

Leading Bid: $125Item #: 3089Bids: 10

Canada Goose FullBody Flexlite Heads 4pk

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3090Bids: 1

Mossy Oak Outfitters Aluminum Double Rifle Case

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3091Bids: 3

Yeti Tundra 45 Quart Tan Cooler with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $310Item #: 3092Bids: 13

Mossy Oak Aluminum Cargo Carrier

Leading Bid: $60Item #: 3093Bids: 2

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe Medium

Leading Bid: $45Item #: 3094Bids: 3

Set of Four 16 Oz. Pint Glasses with NWTF Logo

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3095Bids: 7

Canada Goose FullBody Flexlite Heads 4pk

Leading Bid: $40Item #: 3096Bids: 2

ECM Legacy Standard Mallard 12 pack HDPE TSP-1011

Leading Bid: $55Item #: 3097Bids: 3

ALPS Deluxe Dove Belt In Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Camo

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3099Bids: 3

Pretty Hunter Teardrop Necklace & Earrings Turquoise/Silver

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3100Bids: 3

Pretty Hunter Link Cuff Double Sided 45 Bracelet

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 3101Bids: 2

Pretty Hunter Necklace & Earring Gift Set

Leading Bid: $25Item #: 3102Bids: 5

Pretty Hunter Single Shot Bracelet with NWTF Charm

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 3103Bids: 2

Quigley Ford 16X50 Second Focal Plane Scope

Leading Bid: $70Item #: 3104Bids: 3

Wingo Turkey Prize Pack

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3105

Gould's Turkey Hunt

Leading Bid: $330Item #: 3106Bids: 3

Bobcat and/or Coyote hunt with Walker Hounds for One Hunter in Pennsylvania

Opening Bid: $200Item #: 3107

Custom Made Wood USA Flag

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3108

Siberian Cooler Saddle Brown Soft Sided

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3109Bids: 2

Siberian Cooler 65qt Hard Sided Sahara Tan

Leading Bid: $80Item #: 3110Bids: 6

Eastern Wild Turkey Hunt for One in Kansas with Dirt Nap Outdoors LLC

Leading Bid: $201Item #: 3111Bids: 3

2020 NWTF Case Knife of the Year in Display Box

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3112Bids: 2

NWTF Desk Clock with Vintage NWTF Three Walking Turkeys Logo

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3113Bids: 2

Eastern Wild Turkey Hunt One Hunter African Safari Option for 2-6 hunters with Double Deuce Ranch in Missouri

Opening Bid: $500Item #: 3114

Argentina Red Stag Experience

Opening Bid: $300Item #: 3115

Walleye or Trout/Salmon Fishing Trip for Two

Leading Bid: $100Item #: 3116Bids: 1

Hog Book Package

Opening Bid: $50Item #: 3117

APEX Top Shelf System

Opening Bid: $50Item #: 3118

Custom Cornhole Boards

Leading Bid: $200Item #: 3120Bids: 2

All-Inclusive Ten Day Safari for Four Hunters with Mangwa Hunting Safaris

Opening Bid: $500Item #: 3121

All-Inclusive Ten Day Safari for Four Hunters with Omulu Safaris

Opening Bid: $500Item #: 3122

"Golden Days III" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Print

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3123Bids: 2

"Golden Days IV" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Print

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3124Bids: 2

"The Tennesee Bobwhite Quail" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Print

Opening Bid: $10Item #: 3125

"The Sentinel" by Ralph J. McDonald-Framed Print

Opening Bid: $10Item #: 3126

Browning Knife 4" Stainless Steel Blade with Two Gold Gobblers

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 3127Bids: 1

Browning Knife 4" Stainless Steel Blade with Two Gobblers

Leading Bid: $15Item #: 3128Bids: 2

NWTF 2002 Banquet Chairman Knife

Leading Bid: $10Item #: 3129Bids: 1

NWTF 2002 4" Fixed Blade Knife with Two Gold Flying Turkeys

Leading Bid: $20Item #: 3130Bids: 3

2003 NWTF Knife and Display Case 1/2100 Edition

Leading Bid: $30Item #: 3131Bids: 3

Turkey Sculpture "The Candidate" by Paul Rhymer

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3132

Elk Sculpture "King of His Domain" by Greg O'Neal

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3133

Turkey Sculpture "Oak Ridge Gobblers" by Neil Rizos

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3134Bids: 6

"Save the Habitat" Sculpture by Ronald Lowery

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3135Bids: 1

Turkey Sculpture "Round Twelve" by Stefan Savides

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3136

Mallard Duck Sculpture "Take 'Em"

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3137

Turkey Sculpture "Bachelors Club"

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3138

Whitetail Deer Sculpture "Along The Stream"

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3139

Whitetail Deer Sculpture "Hightailing It" by Terrell O'Brien

Opening Bid: $50Item #: 3140

European Boar

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3141Bids: 1

Mule Deer Sculpture "High Desert Trophy" by Terrell O'Brien

Opening Bid: $50Item #: 3142

"Rocky Mountain Stroll" Bronze by Terrell O'Brien

Opening Bid: $50Item #: 3143

"Pacific Creek Dandy" Elk by Terrell O'Brien

Leading Bid: $50Item #: 3144Bids: 1

Turkey Sculpture Resin

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3145

Turkey Sculpture "Old Thunder" Bronze by Cody Houston

Opening Bid: $50Item #: 3146

Mule Deer Sculpture "Early Snow" by Scott Leonard

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3147

White Tail Deer Sculpture "Ready for The Rut" byTerrell O'Brien

Opening Bid: $50Item #: 3148

Mule Deer Sculpture "The Muley Sneak" by Terrell O'Brien

Opening Bid: $50Item #: 3149

Mule Deer Sculpture "Rimrock Recluse" by Sam Anton Terakedis

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3150

Elk Sculpture

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3151

Elk Scultpure Wilderness Song by Terrell O'Brien

Opening Bid: $25Item #: 3152