Greatest Event Ever, 25th Annual Banquet, By attending you can make this event even more fun, exciting and rewarding!
  • Great Live Auction! (Missouri River Paddlefishing Trip, Vacation Packages, Hunting Packages   Jewelry and Much More)
  • Guns! Guns! Guns! (25 Guns given away)
  • Boss Gobbler Raffle! (Over $5,000 in merchandise)
  • Silent Auction and Raffles!
  • JAKES Booth Raffle!
2018 East Dakota Chapter NWTF
Program for Volunteers
                                                          As of 3/12/18
4:00 PM         People who are eating early in Meeting Room 1
5:30 PM         Social
Registration Table-Tim, Chad, Dean Sands, Jill & Colin Barron, Nick Stark, Russ Olson, & Mike McKernan-assist
                        Finance/Cashier-Chad  & Dean Sands
6:15 PM         Dean to push all raffles, especially Boss Gobbler Raffle, We will accept credit cards for raffle caps-Over $5000 on the General Raffle-Chad
6:45 PM         Doug N.—Turkey Time-Call to tables
Dan Johnston—Welcome, President of East Dakota Chapter, NWTF
Randy Gaskins—Welcome, Sr. Regional Director, NWTF
Francis Strohfus—Welcome, President South Dakota State Chapter NWTF
Dean--Recognition of Veterans and First Responders-Dan Jennings-Please stand-Presentation of pins by Mike, Ken, Brad, Joe & Greg-Assist
Remain standing-East Dakota JAKES members will lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Remain standing- Invocation by Rev. Marvin Schultz
Announce Winner of Turkey Leg Band Raffle-$500 Cash-If Sold Out—Eric & Jon
7:00 PM         Dinner Served
Push Raffle Sales and begin Raffle Drawings-Over $5000 on the General Raffle and 14 guns and a LiT cooler-Last chance to buy a raffle cap
Dean—Read acknowledgements
JAKES Raffle--Dan Jennings, announce the JAKES winners, Draw names for the JAKES Hunt of a lifetime-one name for every 25 members, must be 10 years old, had the hunter safety course, and talk about the JAKES day, Friday, July 13 at the Outdoor Campus-Blake Stark, David & Makenzie Stensrud- assist
Josh Rogers--Sponsors Drawing for having over thirty Sponsors last year.  Winchester SXP 12 ga.(Need not be present to win)Yeti Tundra Cooler, Ryan Kirby Print, Vortex Binoculars, Primos Stool and Champion Electronic Ear Muffs-Dean Sands - assist
Early Bird Drawing—Chad & Dan –Savage 644 FVXP Semi-Auto .22 LR w/Scope   
Draw the winner of Pre-Banquet Raffle—Chad
7:30 PM         Dinner Raffle —Greg Van Den Berg-“Pick of the Flock” Tickets are $10 each or 5 for $20 for chance to pick anything except those items marked with red sticker-Gary Beisch, Chet, Ron, Eric, Mike, Mark Willadsen,  Brad, Ken & Ray-assist
Begin Raffle of items 1-30—Brad Thoreson
                        Announce raffle sales will close about 7:45 PM
7:45 PM         Introduce Dave Mahlke, Sr. Vice President of Field Operations & Volunteer Services, Edgefield, SC-Dean
Dan, Dan and Dean—Thank the Dale & Carla Chell Family & Deb Wallenberg for their gift to support the Scholarship program.  Presentation of $1,000 East Dakota Scholarship to Tristan Hofer from Tea and $500 Scholarship to Cassie Beisch, Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School
                        Dan—Presentation of $500 check to Charles Rokusek, 29-90 Sportsman’s Club for scholarships for Youth Conservation Camp
                        Presentation to 25 Year Donors-Dave M.,Dan & Dean
                        Presentation to 25 Year Committee Members-Dave M. & Dan
8:00 PM         Announce 10 minutes to close of 1/3 of Silent Auction—need chart for names of winners from Dean Sands--Ron- assist-Eric & Ray
8:10 PM         Announce Closing of 1/3 of the Silent Auction in 5 minutes-Ron-assist-Eric, Ray & Dean Sands
8:25 PM         Chart is available with the winners of the first 1/3 of the silent auction—Ron-assist-Dean Sands, Eric & Ray
Begin live auction-The auctioneer is Les Miller, owner of Wheatstem Realty & Auction, Sioux Falls-Spotters-Greg, Mark W., & Dean Schueler  
Auction Clerks-Tim, Chad, Dean Sands, & Jill & Colin Barron & Nick Stark
9:30 PM         Draw for the Auction Raffle of the Sig Sauer Pistol 1-12 wooden nickel
9:30 PM         Close the remainder of silent auction items—Ron-assist-Eric, Ray & Dean Sands
Draw Raffle items 31-95—Brad Thoreson
9:30 PM        Draw five winners of the Pluck-A-Turkey Raffle—Mark Anderson- Mike-assist
Do the Keys for the winner of the Key Raffle—Ken-Ray-assist
Draw winner of the Shotgun Shell Raffle—Mark W. –Chet –assist
Draw the two winners of the Mystery Gun Raffle—Gary Beisch-Joe- assist
Draw the winner of the Boss Gobbler Hat Package –LiT Cooler-Dean (Keep Memberships)
Draw the winner of NWTF Gun of the Year Raffle-Mark W.
Silent Auction Pick-up—Ron-Assist-Eric & Ray
Live Auction Pick-up—Ken Fedders
10:00 PM       East Dakota Chapter Committee, Please stay to help clean up and a group photo