Thank you for visiting the NWTF Huachuca Goulds event site.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will not be hosting our annual hunting heritage banquet.  The safety of our committee, volunteers and supporters is our priority.

However, this site is set up for you to become or renew your annual membership and support the Huachuca Goulds and the national mission of the NWTF.  Please register or sign in to view the different membership options available for purchase.  These memberships make great gifts for family and friends so you are able to purchase and assign as many as you would like to support wildlife conservation.  While inside the site, please view and bid in the silent auction closing August 1st at 8pm MST.  The last four months have changed all our lives and challenged us to re-evaluate our priorities and our passions.  In short, COVID-19 has threatened lives, livelihoods and the NWTF.
We need your help to keep our mission, our operations and our fieldwork alive.  Replacing the lost revenue from shutting down our fundraising event will ensure our beloved mission lives on for future generations. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Huachuca Goulds Chapter of the NWTF.